Sunday, April 27, 2008

At the beginning of the school year during football season i was at the game with some friends and were taking crazy pictures and a few cute ones. Well in every picture right in the top center of each pictrue was a smile from the guy behind us, well it turned out to be Josh MacDonald (the guy in this photo with me) and i didnt really know him but i thought he was pretty handsome guy so my friends dared me (supposidly i am very shy and they didnt think that i would do it) to ask him if he would be in a picture with me....But i turned around and said, "Hey Josh, we have been taking pictures and in all of them we can see your smile, so i was wondering if you would take a picture with me?" He smiled and agreed to take it! Now when i look back at this photo i just laugh cuz me and Josh are friends now and he makes fun of me for what i said! (Plus he is the greatest looking guy in the whole school, so i was way excited that he would be in a picture with me!! ) He is a babe! :)