Saturday, May 23, 2009


Skyler is finally home! It is GREAT!!! :) We picked him up at the airport on Thursday at 4:19, it was super fun to see him again for the first time! The only requests he had for when we got into hurricane was to eat at Pizza Factory, get new garments and to hug/try on his turn-outs ! :) So after we did the first to we went to the fire station and he tried on his turn-outs! Isn't he handsome! :)
I am so glad my big brother is home! :)

The Most HANDSOME Fireman Ever!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Axton's Home

I know this is a few weeks late but a good saying i like a lot...Better late then never! :)
Elder Axton Hoyt is finally home!! He flew in to the St. George Airport on May 1st, 2009 at 4:19p.m. It was so fun to see him. I got the chance to go on a date with him 5 days after he had been home...and he wasn't like all returned missionaries... he wasn't awkward! :) haha We carried on a conversation the whole time. We went to Tom's Deli (the most amazing deli) and then we just talked. It was really fun! I hope lots more of those dates are in the future! Here is the only picture i have of me with Axton, and it was taken at his farewell luncheon. I guess i will have to get on top of it and get a more recent one of us, we have both changed so much!
All i can say is I am glad he is back....and i cant wait for the 21st to come!!! :)

(p.s. lastly...thanks chad and terra...for you know what! i couldnt have done it without you!)