Thursday, April 20, 2017

Charlotte Dawn- Birth Story

Oh, where to begin, On Sunday March 12th we went to church & i had been having contractions for the past few days just nothing closer than 15 minutes apart, if that. We had done our regular routine walking around the block for the kids to see the horses the past week and a half but I decided I was tired of feeling crappy so we were going to walk from our house in La Verkin to my mom’s house in Hurricane (4 miles) instead of driving for lunch to see if we could speed anything up. My contractions were getting closer together & more extreme/intense but still not super close. I had a few pretty intense contractions on the walk over that I had to stop walking & breathe until it was over. After we ate I was feeling super sick so I told Adam we should just go over & get checked to see where I was. (At my last appt 4 days earlier I was at a 4 & almost 100% effaced) We arrived at the hospital around 5:30 & got checked/got registered. I was at a 5 & the contraction monitor was picking up contractions about every 5 minutes apart. They decided to admit me! After we got into the room they checked me again &I was at a 6 & my contractions were getting a lot more intense & were about 3-4 minutes apart. We called Shauni to come over & get ready to take pictures at the birth. They called the anesthesiologist to come give me my epidural. He was super quick & had me feeling great before I knew it! The nurses & Adam joked with him that they bet that was his record for fastest epidural ever, he was in & out in about 4 minutes! (It was nice to not feel those horrible contractions anymore that were every 3 minutes) After getting checked I had stayed about a 6 for an hour so they called the midwife & she had them start me on Pitocin. (My normal OB had left town for spring break Saturday for a week long vacation, so I missed him delivering our baby by 1 day) After starting the Pitocin things started progressing pretty quickly. The nurse came to check me about an hour after starting the Pitocin & I was at a 9. The nurse said she would call Katie the midwife & have her come over & that she would come back in 20 minutes to check me again. About 5 minutes later I started feeling pressure every 3 minutes (I felt like the head was coming out) so had Adam call for my nurse to come back & check me. She walked it, lifted my blanket to check me & said yup, you are at a 10 & babies head is right there! They started to get the room ready for delivery & said Katie would be there any minute. Once Katie was there she started to get her gown & gloves on. The nurses wasn’t joking when she said she could see the baby’s head because I coughed & Katie said "Hey, no more coughing or laughing because I am not ready to catch the baby yet!" Her head was pretty much coming out on its own. It was time to start pushing. One & a half pushes later our baby girl was here!!  This was by far my easiest & fastest delivery yet! I am worried the next one will come before I can get to the hospital because with each baby labor has been cut in half. Starting with a 12hr labor with Berkley to a 6hr labor with Ryker to a 3hr labor with Charlotte.

Side story about naming our little girl:
We had 2 names picked out for our little girl when we got to the hospital but couldn't narrow it down until we saw her. I have always loved the name Charlotte & from about age 12 I wanted to use it when I had a little girl. When we saw her for the first time she looked just like a Charlotte to us.  Adam lived with his Aunt Charlotte during his high school years & from the first time I met her she after we started dating & got married she became so special to me. She was one literally one of the greatest blessings for me while I was away from home in the beginning of our marriage. If my Charlotte grows up to be anything like her Great Aunt Charlotte then she will be a wonderful lady! Charlotte's middle name Dawn, comes from another wonderful woman in our lives. Adams grandma Orrock. She was another lady who welcomed me into the family with open arms. She is such a special lady &  I hope Charlotte Dawn gets to know her! 

Hopefully my next post is sooner than another birth story! haha 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

In the hands of the Lord

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I am finally ready to share this news & I felt like this was the perfect place to do it so I can have it documented in a permanent place. I am not posting this to get attention by any means I just need to get it off my chest!
This all happened about 3 months ago. I found out I was pregnant (8 1/2 weeks to be exact).  I had taken 2 pregnancy tests just to be 100% sure, both of which were positive & life was great Adam & I were both thrilled!  I wanted to wait a while until I was further along to share the news with family & friends. I woke up a few days later & I had begun to bleed. I didn't get too nervous but thought I would just wait it out a few more days to see if it would stop. Three days later I was still bleeding super heavy so I made an appointment with my doctor & had a pregnancy test ran/lab work done. The test came back negative & the labs showed that i was indeed having a miscarriage. I was devastated!!  Now I wasn’t going to be able to announce a pregnancy but i was going to need to tell family that I was going through a miscarriage! The bleeding continued a few more days & then I started cramping for a few more days after that. I wasn’t going to tell lots of people about this due to its very personal nature but I have had way to many people lately telling me that I should already be pregnant because my kids won’t be two years apart anymore or that I needed to have more kids asap. Each & every time my heart breaks & it’s like the wounds are re-opened again!! I wish so bad I was still pregnant & that a baby would be joining our family in June  but there is not & I have finally come to terms with that! I absolutely hate to feel needy or talk to people about personal issues, especially ones very near & dear to my heart. This miscarriage made me broken! I know that I could have done a better job of seeking out support or someone to talk to (especially family-mom, sisters, etc) but at the time, it hurt too bad. I would recommend anyone who has a miscarriage find someone to talk to, don’t bottle it up inside like I did! You are not alone-others have experienced the same thing. In the very beginning I didn’t tell many people about the miscarriage. I told immediate family & my best friend. I guess I was just scared of breaking down & crying in front of others when telling them. I took this picture from a friend who also went through a similar experience. It really tells it like it is.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me push pass this trial in my life & become a stronger person! I am also grateful that my testimony of the power of prayer has grown as I have pleaded with the Lord to help comfort me & bring me back to my normal self. I have faith that Heavenly Father will help our family grow in His own time as for now we will patiently wait for that & enjoy every minute with our perfect family of three!! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family Pics & B's 1st B-day Pics

We had my amazing cousin Kortney take our pictures. Here are a few of my favorites (a few might be 30 or more) I can't believe that its almost been a year since we became of family of 3 & welcomed our sweet little girl Berkley into our life! She is such a blessing in our life & we are smitten!!










Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Happenings

So I am going to try & post at least once a week on here.... fingers crossed I will actually stick with it more than a few weeks!! 

 I received a tearful phone call from my mom telling me that Doug Haws had passed away! I cannot even begin to express the heartache & sadness I felt hearing that news. Doug has always held a special place in my heart. He has always been the best adopted grandpa & one of the all around sweetest men I know. When I first introduced Adam to him a few days after we got engaged Doug (oxygen on & all) gasped out this to Adam "if you ever hurt or disrespected her, you will answer to me!!" He not only loved me but he loved my sweet little girl too! I remember going over about a week before he passed away & Berkley actually let him hold her for about 2-3 minutes (all of you who know B know that this is a HUGE deal, she is terrified of old men, actually any man other than her dad for that matter) So when I heard this news I was devastated! He will be greatly missed by many!! But I am glad he is no longer in this world suffering anymore! I know he is in Heaven watching over us!! We love you Grandpa Doug!! 

Onto a happier note, Carolee (Spendlove) & London (LeBaron) were both blessed by their daddy's! It was a great day & these 2 little girls are going to be some of Berkleys best friends growing up!! Glad we got to spend the time with family!!

L-R Carolee (1 month) & London (3 months)
Skyler & his sweet little girl! I always looked forward to the day he would get his little girl after seeing how good he was with Berkley!! She is one lucky girl to have him for a dad!

The 4 Spendlove Grandkids! (& 4 of the Stephan Grandkids haha)

I love Berkleys spunky personality that she is totally starting to love everyone down here now that she is getting used to everyone!!
And in Relief Society she actually let my other mother Lisa Stratton hold her (even when she saw me sitting near by) & she let Lisa bounce her to sleep!! We are making progress ladies & gentlemen!! Progress I tell you!! :) Can't wait to hang out with the family again today!! I love being close to family!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


About a week before we moved down to Hurricane, Adam was gassing up the car & a man approached him saying he was on his way back to Ogden & his wallet was stolen & he needed just a little bit of gas to make it the rest of the way home, he then said asked for our address to send the money to reimburse him for the gas. Adam being the Christ-like person that he is filled up the mans tank with no intentions of receiving anything from the man. About 2 weeks of being in Hurricane we got the mail & inside was a letter addressed to Adam from a man who lives in Ogden with a thank you note & a check for the exact amount of gas Adam had put in his car.
Although this doesn't sound too miraculous, we received this check at such a perfect time. Adam quit his job up north the week before finals because he needed all the extra time for studying for his intense finals. And when we had moved down south he had been jobless for 2 weeks already. When we got the check Adam was going on a month without a job. It was so frustrating seeing him go to interview after interview & never hear back from anyone day after day, week after week. He is such a hard worker that anyone would be lucky to have him but no one had been kind enough to get back with him & bills were coming up, diapers needed to be bought, fees needed to be paid for applications for school. The check was a blessing because it covered the thing we need to pay the soonest, exactly to the penny.
As of this week he has a couple of side jobs that he is doing in hopes of finding something that not only can help him support his family but that can work with him for the summer & throughout school. We are truly grateful for the many people who help us out financial by letting Adam wash your windows, parents for letting us live in your house & for buying a box of diapers for us when we are in need. We will never be able to thank you enough or pay you back the amount you have helped us save.

Miracles happen!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY Turbans

So I had a couple of ladies ask me on Instagram how to make the turban I had on Berkley yesterday so I decided it would be easier to post instructions on here instead of on Instagram! Hopefully these are easy enough instructions if you have questions though don't hesitate to ask!

Step 1: Choose material
Step 2: Measure your child's head (or yours if you are making it for you!) You will double the length of your child's head to make sure you have room for the double knot to be tied on top. (to be safe once you have cut it like the picture below tie it onto your child's head & adjust it by trimming off some of the edge so it isn't too long of ties)
Step 3: Lay material in half so right side out pieces are touching (like the picture below).

Step 4: Depending on how wide you want it cut material like picture above with the slanted egdges (facing the same way) I wanted the one i made for Berkley to be about 1 1/2 -2 inches wide so i folded my material in half to be a little bigger than the desired thickness (a little bigger cuz you gotta save a little room for the seam) Once it is cut then iron around the edges to help make sewing it a little easier
Step 5: Now you will begin to sew it together from about 1 inch from the middle all the way to the end (like the picture above, back stitching at both sides. After you will do the same thing on the other end from about an inch from the beginning of the last once. (leaving about an inch or just a little less in the very middle so you can turn it right side out & before you close it) Make sure you trim the tip off of both edges like i did so you don't have too much extra material in the tip & so you get a more pointy tip!
 Step 6: After you are done sewing it you will turn it right side out so the design is no longer inside out. (like pictured above)
 Step 7: Iron it flat
Step 8: Once it is ironed flat go back & hand stitch or machine stitch the center where you left an opening to turn it right side out closed & you are done!!
Step 9: Tie it in a double knot on your sweet baby or yourself & ta da!! You made a turban!! :)

p.s. I am horrible at making step by step instructions!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Yes, I am still alive

I can't believe its been 9 months since I posted on here, but my sisters talked me into keeping it updated so here it goes!!
-We moved to Hurricane about a week ago & have been unpacking for what seems like an eternity... still no light at the end of the tunnel but hopefully soon. We are living in my in-laws home here & they are living back in Tuba City.
-Berkley is 9 months old & crawling everywhere getting into everything, but I love it!!! She no longer has to go to her GI Specialist in Provo & she is gaining weight slowly but anything is better than losing weight. She is in the 2% for her weight, 3% for her height & 85% for her head (she is gonna be a smartie :) haha) We still struggle with feedings (just behavioral problems) & is almost sleeping 100% through the night!
-Adam has transferred to SUU & will start their Integrated Engineering program (at the 2nd half of the sophomore year) in the fall. Hopefully soon he will hear back from the jobs he has applied for & that he will get one of them that he really wants! (ATV tour guide)

I will post some pictures of the house we are in & of Berkley in my next post!!