Friday, June 29, 2012

Life As Of Now

Married life is GREAT!! I love having my best friend with me 24/7 even though he's gone to work from 8-5 & i'll be gone from 9-3 or 4 soon enough as for recent happenings....

 My Dream Kitchen
(16 barstools, 3 ovens, 1 HUGE fridge/freezer, a table with 14 chairs around it, ample counter space)
We went to Orson and Gygi with Adams sister Angela last week & this is inside the store where they have cooking classes but it is a gorgeous kitchen & i think i'd be in heaven if it were in my future house!!

 Our few of our meals since we moved up north. My favorite one was Crock-Pot Chicken Teriyaki! (very easy & extremely DELICIOUS!! & yes that strawberry jam/syrup is homemade by me!! (with the help of my wonderful mother)

 No, i am not pregnant!! ha however the lady i am going to nanny for is... with twins....a boy & a girl!! That is right folks, i landed an amazing/dream job last week & i am going to be the nanny to newborn twins as soon as they make there entrance into the world! The mom only has 8 weeks off for maternity leave & then i'll be on my own, kinda scary but i am way excited! Since the mom is on strict bed-rest til they arrive i have been going in & helping her get her house ready & getting the grocery shopping all done. Her 40 weeks is Aug 4th, but the doctor thinks the babies will come sometime between the 4th-7th, which would put her at 35 weeks. Hopefully they'll be healthy & strong so i can start watching them!

As for Adam, he is working for Alpine Window Washing & loving it. He tells me washing windows is very relaxing. Lets hope he keeps loving it so he can have this job until he's done with school!

We'll that's it for now, hopefully i'll be back sooner rather than later with more news!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From Ms. to Mrs.

We are MARRIED!! :)
 I know its been a few weeks but i am finally getting some free time to post. I don't have  all the wedding pictures yet but i should have them soon & i'll post more pictures when i get the cd!!

Married life is AMAZING, i absolutely LOVE it!! Never having to say goodbye at night, getting a cuddle buddy all through the night, never having to do the awkward dating world, spending 24/7 with the person you love & adore. Its like playing house forever!! (every little girls dream) I love you Adam James Stephan & i always will!!!

Me & my Bridesmaids (shauni, tawnia & shayli) & Maid of Honor (claire)
Us & our parents sharing a kiss!!
Ready to ditch the reception & head to Vegas.. we were so tired of standing in line!! haha

Thanks to all who shared this special day with us, we really appreciate your love & kindess!! Thanks to all who helped decorated for the reception it turned out amazing!! :) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Springtime Giveaway!!

You can also visit her photography blog @ this website!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Proposal

Ok, so its not the proposal story, just the proposal picture but..

I will be posting everything that went down on this day as soon as i have a free second to type it all up for now though, i just want to say, i am the HAPPIEST girl in the whole world!! I have the most GORGEOUS ring ever, & the most PERFECT fiance' i love you babe, thanks for making this birthday day one to remember FOREVER!! 45 days til we will be sealed for time & all ETERNITY!!! :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Here is just a brief update on my life, or just my weekend fun!!
Kyson had his soccer game today! They played Delta & won 8-0 He had a great game until the very end when he had a break away & was taken out by 2 guys from the other team & took a hard kick from both guys to the ankle... Luckily he is young & can heal pretty fast!! I love going to his games, i just can't wait til they are warmer!! After that my friend Brady & his girlfriend Britlyn got into town to spend the weekend in St. George. We visited for a little while then headed to bed!
Adam drove down today to spend the entire week here for his spring break, which i am so grateful he'd be willing to spend his break with me! During the day we went out to the sand dunes & rode four wheelers, then had a dinner. I got my hair done & absolutely love it (thanks camie!) Later that night the twins, Allie & I sang at the Adult session of stake conference then Adam & I went hot tubing with Ryan, Jennifer & their 4 adorable girls!! :)
Today was pretty chill, woke up at 6:30, went & got Adam out of bed & then went back to my house for a very early breakfast! It was DELICIOUS!! Then Adam & I went to this parents for the rest of the morning & visited with the family & some friends. Towards the evening, I got so sick last night & my wonderful man, Adam, played with my hair, scratched my back & never left my side.. until he had to go at midnight! Luckily he left when he did, because i barely made it to the toilet before i threw up all my medicine!! Being sick SUCKS!!

How'd i get so lucky to have him in my life? I love him so much! Thanks babe for taking care of me last night & i can't wait to spend the rest of this week with you, i'll try to get better so it'll be "more funner!!" haha (more posts coming soon about this week!!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Power of The Priesthood & Nausea

This past week i started taking a couple of new medications. One of which is suppose to help my ongoing stomach issue, (background history: for over a year i've had this problem but recently its gotten worse, no matter what i eat, healthy or not i get a horrible stomach ache directly after the food hits my stomach.. on a scale from 1-10 it usually is 9-12, lately its been a decision of eat & get extremely sick/nauseous for a few hours or don't eat & just get a little sick, i've tried about every acid reflux med in the book & have had about every test ultrasound, upper gi, etc. but nothing is showing up & i'm getting even more frustrated) Since starting this medication not even a week ago i have been extremely nauseous (well over a 10 on the scale). Tonight though, it got to the point that i couldn't stand it any longer! Doubled over in pain with tears streaming down my face I climbed out of bed around 9:30 & went into the bathroom. After sitting up against the tub for just over an hour on the verge of throwing up but not being able to, i texted Shayli who was playing futsal with some guys from our singles ward & some guys i knew from high school to ask if any one would be willing & worthy to come give me a blessing... Not even 10 minutes later did 2 sweet guys show up at my apartment to give me a blessing. 3 hours later my body finally let me go to sleep.. What a night!
I just want to say i feel like i have called on the worthy priesthood holders of the church a lot lately as i have needed extra help from the Lord to overcome these challenges & trials in my life right now that i am struggling to overcome alone. I feel so blessed to be surrounded & acquainted with those who can give me a blessing whenever i am in need.
Thank you to those worthy priesthood holders who have been willing & able to assist me in my time of need these past few weeks!! I am extremely grateful for you!! & for my sister, Shayli & cousin Keni-lynn who went to WalMart late last night to get me apple juice, sprite & saltine crackers to ease my stomach pain, i LOVE you girls!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

We FINALLY got our family pictures taken after a year or so of trying! ha Here are few a my most favorite ones, hope you enjoy!!

Silly Faces!!
Brayden with his aunts & uncle

Me & Kys
(this pic is one we have made a tradition of getting every family photo shoot!)
Adam & I
(i know he is technically not family... yet but a girl can hope right? plus we were the cutest couple being photographed!! ha )

My handsome model, nephew.. BRAYDEN

The 5 kids oldest to youngest, not necessarily tallest to shortest, thanks to our high heels!!

Family Pic 1

Family Pic 2
(one of my favorites)

Family Pic 3
(another favorite!)
To see all of our family pictures you can facebook Dream Photography or you can visit Kortney's blog website at: (prices are listed on the blog)
Or to schedule your session email her at:
ME & KORTNEY (aka our AMAZING photographer)
Photographer Bio: Kortney Olds
Kortney has been taking pictures forever!! She has started her own business but works as a photographer at Sears Portrait Studio as well. Not only is she my cousin but we have been best friends since the beginning of time & i would highly recommend her as your next photographer!! She does an amazing job for a price that is affordable!!

"I think that pictures are the best way to remember the past and that is why i believe that everyone should have them. It is my goal to make it affordable for anyone to get pictures because everyone deserves memories!"-Kortney

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Christmas from Adam!!

So, Adam was super creative with my Christmas present this year & he wrote a story for me & t threw in some gifts to go along with it. Some are inside jokes but i'll do my best to describe each gift at the end of the story..

Once upon a time in a small town called Hurricane something extraordinary happened. A series of very fortunate events occurred & brought two people together named Adam & Whitney. (Gift #1 A&W root beer bottle w/ candies) When they started to get to know each other their dreams began to come alive! It was JUST LIKE HEAVEN. (Gift #2 Movie Just Like Heaven) They did all kinds of cute things together which included dancing, going to the look out point, & eating two candle lit dinners. (Gift #3 Candle) Could you believe that? Then on a very cloudy morning a dream caught Whitney away!!
Adam searched for her but just could not find her anywhere. He decided to take a journey to the nation of sand where the wise old bilagona (that's Navajo for white person) sat ready to share his wisdom. As he passed through the long sleeved big hair village aka (Colorado City), over the Jacob Lake candy cane mountain, & down into the valley of the root beer jellybean river he finally arrived at the wise man's mesa.
Seeing the old man sitting outside his double wide trailer Adam approached him on bended knees & pleaded to know where Whitney was & how he could get her back. After the old man put on his bifocals, stepped back a foot or two & looked Adam in the eyes, he told him, " I perceive that her heart is locked. There is a book with a mark in it & i see many hands. I see an image of her face framed in a dream. "
Adam looked at him for a long time, cocked his head & said, "Wait...what?" The old man said, "Never mind, go down the path to the dead cow, turn right at the tire, feed my dog Cooper & run towards the sun, there you will find what you are looking for, & here, take this."
The old man put a wrapper gift in Adam's pocket as Adam ran away & said , "Got it," GOT IT!"
When he arrived at the end of the road, finding nothing, he fell down in despair & thought, "There must have been some mistake." He looked up at the sky & then it dawned on him; if he fell asleep his dreams might bring her back. He reached in his pocket, opened the gift, & placed it next to his heart. (Gift # 4 legit blue dream catcher)
The dream began to unfold as he drifted away into a deep slumber. From the mist of the dream walked out a black cat with yellow eyes & said, "What are you looking for?"
Adam answered saying, "I have lost my Whittles & don't know where to find her." The cat responded, "Why should I care? She doesn't matter."
Adam looked right back at that cat & said, "What matters is that i care." " Well what does she look like?" Adam described every detail of her face as the cat drew the image in the air. (Gift # 5 Picture of my face, drawn by Adam) When it was complete, Adam framed the image in his mind. (Gift #6 Picture Frame)
"Yes, that's her!" The cat then agreed to take him to where she was but on one condition that when he finds her again he had to see her for who she really is.
Adam agreed to the cat's request & in a moment she was before him. As he stood looking at her, he noticed that she couldn't move forward because her heart was locked. (Open # 7 heart & key chain)
Adam asked the cat, "How do i release her from this bondage?" The cat replied, "Read the words from the bookmark & the answer will come." (Open #8 Bookmark) Adam then looked at Whitney, & without breaking his gaze said,"I see your true nature & Whitney, I love you just the way you are."
Immediately the dream was broken & Adam said, "Hands off, she's mine!! " (Gift # 9 Tee Shirt w/ colored hand prints, & words "Hands off, She's mine!")

Gift#1 A&W Root beer Candies- A&W for Adam & Whit for those of you who didn't get it...
Gift #2 The movie Just Like Heaven.. it is one of my favorites & i have been searching for years for it... Adam looked it up on Amazon. com & ordered it for me!
Gift #3 Candle (in memory of the 2 candle light dinners we had.. one cuz the power went out & the other at his parents)
Gift #4 A legit, cute, blue & white dream catcher (i'm excited cuz i've never had one before)
Gift #5 Adam drew my facebook profile picture & did an excellent job! (pictures later)
Gift #6 He gave me a cute as heck picture frame that says Memories all over it
Gift #7 Chain with a heart shape & a key hole in the middle of the heart & on the other end of the chain a key that fits into the hole.
Gift #8 Bookmark that says: "Be strong & of good courage, you are truly royal spirit daughters of Almighty God. You are Princesses destined to become Queens. Your own wondrous story has already begun. Your once upon a time is now." -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Gift #9 Tee-Shirt... pretty much self explanatory

Thanks Babe for the cute gift, i loved it!!