Thursday, February 9, 2012

Power of The Priesthood & Nausea

This past week i started taking a couple of new medications. One of which is suppose to help my ongoing stomach issue, (background history: for over a year i've had this problem but recently its gotten worse, no matter what i eat, healthy or not i get a horrible stomach ache directly after the food hits my stomach.. on a scale from 1-10 it usually is 9-12, lately its been a decision of eat & get extremely sick/nauseous for a few hours or don't eat & just get a little sick, i've tried about every acid reflux med in the book & have had about every test ultrasound, upper gi, etc. but nothing is showing up & i'm getting even more frustrated) Since starting this medication not even a week ago i have been extremely nauseous (well over a 10 on the scale). Tonight though, it got to the point that i couldn't stand it any longer! Doubled over in pain with tears streaming down my face I climbed out of bed around 9:30 & went into the bathroom. After sitting up against the tub for just over an hour on the verge of throwing up but not being able to, i texted Shayli who was playing futsal with some guys from our singles ward & some guys i knew from high school to ask if any one would be willing & worthy to come give me a blessing... Not even 10 minutes later did 2 sweet guys show up at my apartment to give me a blessing. 3 hours later my body finally let me go to sleep.. What a night!
I just want to say i feel like i have called on the worthy priesthood holders of the church a lot lately as i have needed extra help from the Lord to overcome these challenges & trials in my life right now that i am struggling to overcome alone. I feel so blessed to be surrounded & acquainted with those who can give me a blessing whenever i am in need.
Thank you to those worthy priesthood holders who have been willing & able to assist me in my time of need these past few weeks!! I am extremely grateful for you!! & for my sister, Shayli & cousin Keni-lynn who went to WalMart late last night to get me apple juice, sprite & saltine crackers to ease my stomach pain, i LOVE you girls!!