Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures From The Past

So i was going through old pictures & i came across a few that made me cry, laugh, & smile so i just had to share & tell a little something to go along with each picture...


This was probably the hardest moment of my life, saying goodbye to not only my big brother & best friend for 2 years.
(i know, doesn't look like me now... for those who don't know or dont really remember i had blonde hair back then!)

This is a picture of a real Cow Tongue. For a YW/YM activity we did Fear Factor. One member of each team had to eat a piece of this, i was a member of an all guys team & was the one who ended up eating some. (The guys on my team were seriously the biggest wimps!) There were a number of gross things i ate this night including chocolate covered crickets, sardines & the tongue. The only gross thing i didnt eat that night was pickled pigs feet, & the reason behind that is pretty obvious. I HATE FEET & will NEVER eat them. Although it wasn't super horrible tasting i will probably never eat cow tongue or roast beef (tasted similar) ever again!

One of the scariest, coldest rides of my life, yet funnest!
Four-wheeling with Sky & Axton has always been a favorite of mine, but this time in particular was by far the scariest. There is a very very steep scary hill way out in the dunes, numerous of times i have observed from up top as they have tried to ride up it only to make it half-way & almost flip over sideways on the way down. I vowed many years ago to never go up or down it! Well this day we were driving above it & i remember Axton telling me that "we" were going down it. As my grip around his waist got tighter & tighter, I began to say (my words exactly) "How about i watch you, sky & marie from up here, i'm scared to go down it." He stopped & looked back with this sad puppy dog face & said Dont you trust me?! I began to stand up & say i do but i'd feel safer up here watching... He then pushed on the gas & said Hold on Whit! As i tried to forcefully shove myself off he back of the fast moving four-wheeler, i felt Axton grab ahold of my arm to make sure i wasn't going off the back of it, but instead down the hill on the with him!! Not only did my life flash before my eyes but I thought i was literally gonna die. Once we made it to the bottom, Axton turned to me & said, See that wasn't even a scary. I do believe i was about 90% of the way off the 4-wheeler at that time. Considering it happened against my own will, i guess i can say, Ya i've been down that hill & once is more than enough for me!! :)

Last pic i promise.... PHOTO 4:

Sorry i know this is really gross! This is the after picture of my wart i had frozen. (side view of my ring finger on my right hand, middle knuckle) The original wart was very small, smaller than a half a skittle. I was very self conscious of my hand so i decided that i wanted it gone. When the doctor began to freeze it i told him to do it til i said stop. He froze it for about 2 minutes, when i finally couldnt stand the pain any longer I told him to stop. This is what it looked like later that night & about 3 weeks following. (sorry i'm getting a little graphic now) It was about the size of a grape, some days even bigger. It was stretching the skin so much that at times i thought my skin would rip, it was so shiny around the edges. Every night i would drain the blood out of it & this is what it would look like by morning. Life was pretty hard for the month or so following this procedure! But today all that is left on my finger is a small scar that i am ok with!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Day...

So today was just one of those days when you think to yourself.. ah gosh i shouldn't have even gotten out of bed today! I had a very very long day at work, to top it off the a/c wasn't working & i had too many phone calls from impatient (rude) patients.Had to stay indoors while its was such a pretty day outside. & After i got off i went for a run & it was super sucky. Today was also one of those days where everything i did reminded me of you & every song i heard somehow related to you. I hate days like today, because they reminded me of the one thing i don't have.

Guess all i can do is smile & pretend everything is amazing & keep my fingers crossed for a better tomorrow :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Things Guys Should Always Do For Girls. Period.

I have met some guys in the past few years who have turned out to be the BIGGEST jerks! So what you are about to read, pretty much says it all!!
Here are 21 things guys should always do for girls. PERIOD.
1. ALWAYS open doors whenever possible- whether it be to a building or the passenger car door.
2. A man should tolerate the occasional chick flick, musical, opera, or ballet- whatever her preference is *without* complaining about it!
3. If you miss her, or love her, TELL HER! It's nice to hear it every now & again
4. Hold her hand while you talk, drive, or just for the heck of it (it's the small things that win you big points!!)
5. Remember- The best gifts you can give are usually FREE of cost!
6. Leave a note (send a message) or call her just to say hi
7. Ask her questions about herself (its a good way to get to know her!)
8. Dress nice every once in a while. Any girl likes to see her brother/friend/boyfriend/etc. in a well-ironed button-up with some nice jeans or slacks.
9. LOOK IN HER EYES, NOT AT HER CHEST! (big turn off)
10. Sometimes you have to take the initiative. Don't always wait for her to come to you, because if that's how it always is, you're going to lose her.
11. Offer her your jacket/sweatshirt/hoodie (Note: You may not see that particular item of clothing for a while, if ever again :)
12. PRIDE & PREJUDICE... that's all i have to say about that. I mean, that should speak for itself.
13. Kiss her on the forehead every once in a while, it doesn't always have to be on the lips!
14. Always be honest with her. No woman wants or likes a dishonest man. If you can't be honest with her, she can't trust you, & it shows you don't trust her enough to be honest. Trust, Honesty & Integrity are just as important in a relationship as is hugs & kisses
15. Men, sing to her, even if you're terrible, suck it up! They love to listen to it & will not care what you sound like. It's the thought that counts on this one.
16. Don't always blame her bad moods on PMS, sometimes girls just have bad days too!
17. Guys always offer to pay for the date, no matter how expensive it gets, especially if YOU asked HER on the date (if she is willing (or offers) to pay now & again, don't let your "man pride" get in the way of her wanting to give back to you. She should understand money can be tight- especially when you're always buying)
18. If you're gonna tease her, let her tease you back without getting all bent out of shape about it
19. Don't call her hot or sexy, instead call her pretty, cute, or beautiful. "Hot" & "Sexy" are so overused & superficial!
20. Its not stalking to watch her sleep if she falls asleep while watching a movie with you, but it is stalking to watch her sleep if you're standing outside her window with night vision googles on! ha

& thats my spill :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Decisions Ahead

So over the past few months i have been really debating on whether i wanna move or not. I want to get out of Hurricane/St. George area & go somewhere else. I'm tired of the same old everyday routine, i am ready to start a new chapter in my life & meet new people. I have always loved Provo/Orem area & 2 of my cousins have been working real hard on convincing me that i am ready to move up there with them this year. And really the only thing really holding me back right now is my job. It has the most flexible hours, its only open mon-fri., it's my doctor (so if i am sick i can just talked to him instead of scheduling an appointment), i work with people i love, its just all around the best job you could ask for....But I've said all along... If i could find a good job up there i'd move in a heart beat.
I guess i'll i can say is.... let the job searching begin!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pics from Vegas/ B-day Post (yesterday)

So it has always been a dream of mine to go to Paris & see the Eiffel Tower... well since that dream will prob never come true i took this instead in Vegas :)

if anyone is going to paris, take me with you!
my birthday presents....

(left to right):
pic 1: These are the shirts i got, a black long sleeve, a purple v-neck long sleeve, black short sleeve cardigan, a colorful tank, a blue dressy tee & a very pretty (even tho you can't tell in the pic) pink cardigan (thanks marie for some of them!)
pic 2: I got the lamps that i have wanted for a long time now!! 1 tall one & 2 short ones!! :) now i just need to get some light bulbs :) ha
pic 3: Dont anyone get too excited, this isn't an engagement ring! It is a promise ring from my parents, to always stay morally clean, & true to myself. I love it! :) I just wish i could get a better pic of it! (its best in person! :)

not pictured: breakfast made by ronnow & rhonda (french toast, bacon & oj) very delicious, fun car ride home from Vegas with my sisters, lunch @ durangos, banana splits w/ friends & the very intense 3 hours of Nertz (card game).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vegas / Birthday

So today was my 20th b-day, I am no longer a teenager!! Kinda a bitter-sweet moment. I'm a little sad to not be a teen but at the same time i am way excited to be 20. Guess its time to grow up & act mature! :) ha
Recent happenings in a nut-shell cuz its 1:00 am & i am super tired......
-Went to Vegas: (thurs-sat)
(thurs)-Hung out with the family, spent the afternoon on the strip, shopping, & a wonderful dinner (thanks ronnow & rhonda), & had a good talk with Taralee! (thanks for talking with me & helping me figure some confusing things in my life right now! it was really fun!! we must do it more ofter, you made me feel so much better!! i love you so much! )
(fri) a little more shoppin, triple date (me, adam- brett, katie- sky, chelsea) might i say very fun, props to Brett Lane, & pretty much all i can say is i loved the bellagio water show, spent time with uncle ronnow, aunt rhonda & brett (might i say very fun)
(sat) slept in :) felt so nice after getting to bed around 2, got some b-day presents (i'll have to post pictures later), ate a delicious breakfast made by uncle ronnow (very delicious french toast & yummy bacon), then we came home & i had some friends over.
- B-day Party
(sat night)
I had a couple of friends (claire,(her fiance justin), stacia, shay, kristen, brittany, & dan) over for banana splits for my b-day! Oh they were heavenly!! After we ate, we played Nertz, til about 12:30, it was so much fun!! I'll have to post funny stories about our Nertz game later :)

As for now I am off to bed!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 3

Wow, this is the 3rd day in a row posting on my blog :) that's a record for me!!
So, after eating a very delicious, HUGE slice of asphalt pie from wingers at lunch, i felt a little guilty so this evening so i decided to workout, my workout consisted of:
- 100 regular crunches
- 100 leg raises
- 50 Wacky Jacks (sounds funny but really burns)
- 15 minutes of our weighted hula hoop
- 30 minute jog/sprint (wasn't gonna be a sprint but had a creepy moment so i had to sprint home!!!)
-15 boy push-ups (most i can do which isn't many but for not doing them in a year or so that is good)
Vegas the day after tomorrow :) I totally am so so excited!!! It's gonna be so much fun to see Uncle Ronnow, Aunt Rhonda, Brett (& hopefully) Taralee & her cute little family :) We are def gonna have a fun time this weekend!! Can't wait!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Must Get!!

I went with my mom to Taylor Andrews (hair academy) this evening & we both got a scalp massage. It felt amazing!! If you have never had one... go get one!! They are a wonderful invention!!! (Monday's throughout march & april they are only $5) Then i got a much needed trim. :) i love it! Got home about an hour ago, worked out for a bit, & then talked to Trevor.
Tonight i am kinda at a loss for words & in a little bit of a sad mood.... Guess i should be happier i have one thing to look forward to... Vegas this weekend :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting To Know Me Better

Random things about me to get to know me better!!

  • I would rather break a bone than be touched by feet.
  • I pretty much have a horrible feet fetish
  • I know that good music + good food can fix anything. It has many of times
  • I say I'm fine...I'm lying (usually)
  • I love riding the tandem bike summer nights past the orchard
  • I am a firm believer that one shoe can change your life
  • I only tried on skinny jeans once before I feel in love with them
  • I absolutely love my vans, I need a few more pairs
  • I enjoy long walks & talks, especially when I have a hand to hold
  • I really ENJOY just driving w/ no end destination
  • I love flipping my pillow over to the cold side on any given night
  • I get super attached to people
  • I should warn you… when I am in a bad mood… let me cool down by myself
  • "There's never a right time to say goodbye..." (Chris Brown)
  • I like to read… but only if it’s interesting in the first few pages
  • I love going out south of town & having bon fires
  • I would listen to music all day everyday if I could
  • "....we adore who ignores us and ignore who adores us"
  • I cry more than I’d like to admit
  • I LOVE motorcycle rides. They are a good way to just release some steam
  • I don’t like being the decision maker. I really don’t care what we do, & if I do, I’ll let you know.
  • I can think of a few specific times I've laughed so hard that I've almost peed my pants.
  • I can’t wait for summer to officially be here
  • I can think of countless time that I've cried over something so stupid then laughed at it later
  • I LOVE writing in my journal
  • I love singing. Especially in the car, the shower or when I am all alone.
  • I do not care what other people think of me. I am who I am
  • I like getting dressed up all nice & pretty but would rather be in a pair jeans, a plain tee & my vans
  • I love sports and every single day I miss playing them
  • I am quiet & shy at first but once I get to know you, I really open up
  • I know that I'm exceptionally far from perfect, but I like to believe I'm almost perfect
  • I can't wake up to an alarm
  • I have always wanted a temple marriage & a family of my own :)
  • I have an obsession with tom's deli (greatest creation)
  • I should have been born a mermaid or fish... i love the water
  • I am addicted to the tv show Bones
  • I already know what i want my headstone to look like (weird?!)
  • I usually give my heart away too soon... resulting in my heart aching
  • "... you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have...."
  • I have always wanted to be hypnotized
We'll that is all i can think of at the moment... Hope you learned lots :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Long Day

Today has been a very long day! Yup, its my 5th day of waking up @ 4 am :( I dont know why it happens but it does at exactly 4:39am i am wide awake, luckily no tears the past 2 mornings! I slept through my phone alarm 3 times, so i woke up late. Worked from 9-1. Looked everywhere for some bright& cheerful gerber daisies... finally found some @ tai pan after an hour of searching. On my way home i almost had my car window shattered. (stupid truck driver!!) Made a gerber daisy bouquet to put on my friends grave for her b-day today (Happy Birthday Mandy Johnson, I love you & miss you lots!) Went to the Kim, Trev's & Tates with Sky & Marie to watch Tristian & Isolde, pretty good movie... sad ending. Played NERTZ (a freaking fun card game), & had a blast! What an eventful day, if only i could go to sleep right now...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Is it weird that i have woken up from a (semi) sad dream about a guy @ exactly 4 am the monday morning & tuesday morning in tears? It wasn't just a few tears, my pillow was pretty wet & i was breathing kinda funny (like people do when they cry extremely hard & they can barely catch there breath)I dont know whats up but i hope that when 4 am rolls around i am sound asleep with no tears! I guess part of this came true this morning rolled around & 4 am i was wide awake again!!!
So, side note....I found this quote tonight & it describes my feelings for the guy i dreamed about...... (i know its prob too early to say this but its my honest feelings)