Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hair Extension/ Road Trip/ B-day

This past weekend i spent with my family up in Heaven a.k.a. Kolob Mountain for our family reunion. The weather was excellent (in about the 70's)all weekend long. I have decided though that next year it will either be me at the reunion or the dogs! Not both! On Saturday while everyone was going down the dangerous zipline i decided to do this!! Here is a photo of my new hair extension. Please ignore the fact that when i took this pic i had no make-up on & am in my pj's (go cougars!)

This weekend i am going up to Woods Cross to visit/stay with my best friend Marie. I can't wait!! :) i miss her so much! We are going to party it up for about 3-4 days! The quality of this picture sucks cuz it was taking with a sucky phone camera!

And... Happy Belated 18th Birthday to my beautiful little sisters!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Running... I seriously love it. It makes me super duper happy! :)It is one of the only cures for my bad days (that & chocolate). When i'm mad, upset, stressed, or frustrated once again its the best cure!! Also i got a new running tank top complete with a ipod/phone pocket on the shoulder! :)

This picture describes it all

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Surprise Visitor!!

So today i was sittin on the couch watchin a very weird show with my dad when we heard our (old john wayne) bell in the back yard start to ring. My dad turned to me & said Whit, look outside & see who that is! I looked out the blinds & was extremely SURPRISED to see my very dear friend BRADY CASE :) (who i haven't seen in about a year) I hurried & ran out back to give him a big hug! We came inside & visited for about 2 hours. My dad & Brady could be best friends... he is a cowboy, loves Gunsmoke (any western to be exact), & could talk to my dad FOREVER about john wayne or any old cowboy! Brady brought his new guitar & we attempted to have a jam session.. we could probably use some practice. But it was way fun!!!! Thanks for comin over Brady!! I've missed ya!
this is brady (in the 1st pic that is brady & his sisters)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Things About Me

* I would rather break a bone than be touched by feet.
* I know that good music + good food can fix anything. It has many of times
* I say I'm fine...I'm lying (usually)
* I am a firm believer that one shoe can change your life
* I only tried on skinny jeans once before I feel in love with them
* I absolutely love my vans, I need a few more pairs
* I enjoy long walks & talks, especially when I have a hand to hold
* I really ENJOY just driving w/ no end destination
* I love flipping my pillow over to the cold side on any given night
* I should warn you… when I am in a bad mood… let me cool down by myself
* "There's never a right time to say goodbye..." (Chris Brown)
* I like to read… but only if it’s interesting in the first few pages
* I would listen to music all day everyday if I could
* "....we adore who ignores us and ignore who adores us"
* I cry more than I’d like to admit
* I LOVE motorcycle rides. They are a good way to just release some steam
* I don’t like being the decision maker. I really don’t care what we do, & if I do, I’ll let you know.
* I can think of a few specific times I've laughed so hard that I've almost peed my pants.
* I love singing. Especially in the car, the shower or when I am all alone.
* I like getting dressed up all nice & pretty but would rather be in a pair jeans, a plain tee & my vans
* I am quiet & shy at first but once you get to know me a little I really start to just open up
* I know that I'm exceptionally far from perfect, but I like to believe I'm almost perfect
* I can't wake up to an alarm
* I have always wanted a temple marriage & a family of my own :)
* I have an obsession with tom's deli (greatest creation)
* I should have been born a mermaid or fish... i love the water
* I am addicted to the tv show Bones... (mainly cuz of Booth :) what a babe!)
* I already know what i want my headstone to look like (weird i know?!)
* "... you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have...."
* I have always wanted to be hypnotized
* I can't see when i drive @ night :/(a recent discovery)
* I have a fear of snakes, spiders, sharks & drowning
* I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE feet! & often have nightmares about them!

well thats it for now, if you didnt know me well before hope you know me better now!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Shoes

The cutest pair of shoes followed me home a few weeks ago!! I know i don't really need anymore, but i couldn't pass up this deal.... These were regularly $60.00 but i got them for a SWEET deal... only $11.00!!! I seriously would have been STUPID to not buy them!! Funny thing is they dont look comfy but they are, really comfy!!
I got these shoes for my friends wedding, cuz i was one of her bridesmaids. I thought once i found shoes i'd easily find a dress... i was wrong!! I had the hardest time finding a dress to match them, thanks heavens for my bff marie & her willingness to loan me her yellow dress. :)