Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#20 Get Extensions

# 20... CHECK!! 2 down 20 to go, at this pace i will complete all 22 way before my 22nd bday!!
I got EXTENSIONS!!! Yup, i finally got them!! Thank you Brandi! This picture sucks, but it is the best i could do while i was home alone! I know it doesn't look that long, but it is about 2 inches longer than my real hair... next time i think i'll get 'em 4 inches longer!! :) They are so much fun!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unspoken Love

Yes, this is kinda a depressing post, but i have kinda been in a depressed mood the past few days. Not sure exactly why, but i came up with this to expound on my current feelings...
When i saw him the first time, it was nothing. As time went by, i noticed his personality. He wasn't my type, but maybe that was good. My type always seemed to crush me anyways. He would always make me laugh & i would think about the next time i'd get to see/talk to him. I fell in love with our friendship. It's just that i never let him know. I thought the signs were there that he liked me enough to let me tell him how i felt in my own time. Guess i was wrong because its not the same anymore. He's moved onto another girl & those feelings that were supposedly there, he has totally forgotten about!
Right after graduating from high school I was searching for quotes to make me feel better of having never been given the chance to really date a lot in my teenage/high school years, but since all i could find were quotes about girls grieving over break-ups, i have decided to share my own "guy" feelings which are just as real & heartbroken as girls' feelings. We all search for what seems forever, but usually can find someone in maybe a year or two. I thought a couple of times that i had found the right one, only to be disappointed or hurt. I have been searching for a good few years, trying to convince those i had fallen for that i would give the world to them, just to have my vulnerable, perhaps even weak heart torn. I don't know, i guess i picture myself as that one person who was truly meant for someone, but was never even noticed, much less given the chance to share in the love & joy with that person. Well, if love these days really is not as much love, but more so desire & lust, then count me out! I'd rather rise up to do greater things to fix this twisted world. Anyways, that's my pathetic story/feelings!

(i completed yet another thing off my 22 things list, a blog post with details & pictures coming very soon!!)