Thursday, August 27, 2009

Got My Flu Shot

So i got my flu shot and this is the end result.....(after 2 days)

So the red spot has a temperature of probably 100 plus... and is rock hard, sticks out like an inch
Can you see where they poke the needle in at?! Cuz i can't...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Post

So we always have a beginning of the year fashion show and this year i think Tyler had the BEST outfit ever!!! He got a little carried out of hand with his outfit for spirit week! But we gotta love Ty-nerd!! :)
The next picture is of my newest cutest most adorable little cousin Klare Ballard (not sure on her middle name..) Isn't she just a doll!

me & baby Klare..she loves me most!
look at how tiny she looks in his arms... Funny story about Skyler and babies! We babysit my little cousin Jaidyn every Sunday and she liked Skyler this one Sunday and you could tell it just made his day so he played with her and carried her around the house all day. Then he went to my mom in the kitchen and was like mom, i am so baby hungry. She kinda looked at him half smiling and was like well if you want a baby your gonna have to get married first... Then Sky looked at her all serious and was like... No Mom!! You've got it all wrong i want you to have another baby! I'm not ready for one of my own. HAHA My mom was kinda caught off guard but immediately said Sky dearest my baby maker is broken so your gonna have to have the kids now. :) hahahaha it was so funny! I have never laughed so hard in my life! You all should have been there!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun Photo Shoot

So...Wednesday i didnt have work so me & shay got all dressed up in our cute clothes and went out south of town & to the church farm for a little photo shoot. We didnt get many pictures taken before the sun went down so check back in a few days or weeks for more photos :) And dont be to critical on how they turn out we aren't professionals at all! Just two girls going out to have fun!

Here are some we took of me... more of me, shay and the twins later :)
i like this one a lot but the lighting was not the greatest on my face!

I know this one is blurry but its a favorite! I love the shirt!!

Ok this isn't from the photo shoot but it was taken after it. I wanted a picture of me and sky and his funny facial hair he is growing :)