Thursday, July 23, 2009

): Channy is leaving!! :(

So my new best friend Channy is leaving to China for 4 months and i dont know what i will do without her! She has always been there for me (well since i met her a year ago) she listens to me when i have problems or exciting news! I will miss our car rides where we'd blast "My life would suck without you!!" Our late night walks, movie runs, swims at Diana's... So here are some of the memories i have created with Channy and things we have done together!Lil Spot (aka Mikyla, Me, Adaiza, Elder Rigo Yturriaga, CHANNY (bff), Shay & Red (aka Kristen)

What a great night! And E2 won! Go my apartment!!!
End Of Semester Party... Maybe drunk a little!! (dont worry its sparkling cider)
Andy, Me, Hillary, Shay Adazia, & CHANNY!!
Britt & Stew's Reception... Me, CHANNY & Shay :)
Lake Time!!
We decided to compare hair to see who's was nicer! I think it was a tie!
I wish i had more pictures with Channy but that is pretty much all the ones we have! I guess we will have to take more before she goes and then pick up once she gets back! :) I will miss you so much Channy! See you in 4 months!!