Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our First Cousin Picture

Hello everyone reading my blog, I bet your all thinking.. Wow 2 posts in one week.. Actually i figured the post about me going private is old news. I mean if you wanna be able to view my blog next week after it goes private, you most likely already emailed me & given me your email .

So I decided it was time for a new post mainly because we got Our First Cousin Picture (older girls only, 17 & up is the limit) I know hair colors don't match everyone exactly the lighting wasn't the best! But this photo really shows the true us :) Me (belle),
Shayli (snow white),
Shauni (jasmine),
Brandi (ariel),
Kasey (cinderella),
Kortney (sleeping beauty
(we all know she loves her sleep)
& Kenzi (alice in wonderland)

I sure do hope everyone likes how it turned out! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Private? Or Not?

The lingering question i have had recently (considering lots of people going private) is
should i or should i not go private?!
I have been trying to decide if i want to or not? I hate it when other blogs i visit go private cuz i cant see there blogs anymore without being invited, and sometimes i'm not one of there "good friends" so i hesitate emailing them and ask in case they went private so me & other not so good friends couldn't look at there blog... But i also like when others find my blog and love to find other long lost friends blogs and see what they are up to.
Well i have made the decision....
I am going private! (for i dont know how long) if you read my blog or wanna see it please send me your email on here, facebook, or just email me @ & i'll invite you to view it (oh and not stalkers aloud :)

Lets see how long this private blog lasts? Who knows it could be the greatest thing to ever happen? Or i just may decide i hate being private and want anyone to look at my amazing blog?! haha :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guys= Jerks

I have decided that i officially hate ALL guys...except my dad, brothers, uncles, cousins & my grandpa. They are JERKS!!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


It rained really hard for a little while today! Me & 2 of my roomies played in the rain, running through it and jumping in the our clothes :) At the institute there is a ditch in the middle of the lawn, in the ditch there was a HUGE puddle! Erika & April decided that they were gonna sit in the puddle because the water was warm... i know kinda surprising for such a deep puddle.
Here is a picture that i took of my 2 roommates sitting in a huge puddle in there clothes, unders and all!

we love the rain :)