Wednesday, May 21, 2014


About a week before we moved down to Hurricane, Adam was gassing up the car & a man approached him saying he was on his way back to Ogden & his wallet was stolen & he needed just a little bit of gas to make it the rest of the way home, he then said asked for our address to send the money to reimburse him for the gas. Adam being the Christ-like person that he is filled up the mans tank with no intentions of receiving anything from the man. About 2 weeks of being in Hurricane we got the mail & inside was a letter addressed to Adam from a man who lives in Ogden with a thank you note & a check for the exact amount of gas Adam had put in his car.
Although this doesn't sound too miraculous, we received this check at such a perfect time. Adam quit his job up north the week before finals because he needed all the extra time for studying for his intense finals. And when we had moved down south he had been jobless for 2 weeks already. When we got the check Adam was going on a month without a job. It was so frustrating seeing him go to interview after interview & never hear back from anyone day after day, week after week. He is such a hard worker that anyone would be lucky to have him but no one had been kind enough to get back with him & bills were coming up, diapers needed to be bought, fees needed to be paid for applications for school. The check was a blessing because it covered the thing we need to pay the soonest, exactly to the penny.
As of this week he has a couple of side jobs that he is doing in hopes of finding something that not only can help him support his family but that can work with him for the summer & throughout school. We are truly grateful for the many people who help us out financial by letting Adam wash your windows, parents for letting us live in your house & for buying a box of diapers for us when we are in need. We will never be able to thank you enough or pay you back the amount you have helped us save.

Miracles happen!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY Turbans

So I had a couple of ladies ask me on Instagram how to make the turban I had on Berkley yesterday so I decided it would be easier to post instructions on here instead of on Instagram! Hopefully these are easy enough instructions if you have questions though don't hesitate to ask!

Step 1: Choose material
Step 2: Measure your child's head (or yours if you are making it for you!) You will double the length of your child's head to make sure you have room for the double knot to be tied on top. (to be safe once you have cut it like the picture below tie it onto your child's head & adjust it by trimming off some of the edge so it isn't too long of ties)
Step 3: Lay material in half so right side out pieces are touching (like the picture below).

Step 4: Depending on how wide you want it cut material like picture above with the slanted egdges (facing the same way) I wanted the one i made for Berkley to be about 1 1/2 -2 inches wide so i folded my material in half to be a little bigger than the desired thickness (a little bigger cuz you gotta save a little room for the seam) Once it is cut then iron around the edges to help make sewing it a little easier
Step 5: Now you will begin to sew it together from about 1 inch from the middle all the way to the end (like the picture above, back stitching at both sides. After you will do the same thing on the other end from about an inch from the beginning of the last once. (leaving about an inch or just a little less in the very middle so you can turn it right side out & before you close it) Make sure you trim the tip off of both edges like i did so you don't have too much extra material in the tip & so you get a more pointy tip!
 Step 6: After you are done sewing it you will turn it right side out so the design is no longer inside out. (like pictured above)
 Step 7: Iron it flat
Step 8: Once it is ironed flat go back & hand stitch or machine stitch the center where you left an opening to turn it right side out closed & you are done!!
Step 9: Tie it in a double knot on your sweet baby or yourself & ta da!! You made a turban!! :)

p.s. I am horrible at making step by step instructions!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Yes, I am still alive

I can't believe its been 9 months since I posted on here, but my sisters talked me into keeping it updated so here it goes!!
-We moved to Hurricane about a week ago & have been unpacking for what seems like an eternity... still no light at the end of the tunnel but hopefully soon. We are living in my in-laws home here & they are living back in Tuba City.
-Berkley is 9 months old & crawling everywhere getting into everything, but I love it!!! She no longer has to go to her GI Specialist in Provo & she is gaining weight slowly but anything is better than losing weight. She is in the 2% for her weight, 3% for her height & 85% for her head (she is gonna be a smartie :) haha) We still struggle with feedings (just behavioral problems) & is almost sleeping 100% through the night!
-Adam has transferred to SUU & will start their Integrated Engineering program (at the 2nd half of the sophomore year) in the fall. Hopefully soon he will hear back from the jobs he has applied for & that he will get one of them that he really wants! (ATV tour guide)

I will post some pictures of the house we are in & of Berkley in my next post!!