Wednesday, May 21, 2014


About a week before we moved down to Hurricane, Adam was gassing up the car & a man approached him saying he was on his way back to Ogden & his wallet was stolen & he needed just a little bit of gas to make it the rest of the way home, he then said asked for our address to send the money to reimburse him for the gas. Adam being the Christ-like person that he is filled up the mans tank with no intentions of receiving anything from the man. About 2 weeks of being in Hurricane we got the mail & inside was a letter addressed to Adam from a man who lives in Ogden with a thank you note & a check for the exact amount of gas Adam had put in his car.
Although this doesn't sound too miraculous, we received this check at such a perfect time. Adam quit his job up north the week before finals because he needed all the extra time for studying for his intense finals. And when we had moved down south he had been jobless for 2 weeks already. When we got the check Adam was going on a month without a job. It was so frustrating seeing him go to interview after interview & never hear back from anyone day after day, week after week. He is such a hard worker that anyone would be lucky to have him but no one had been kind enough to get back with him & bills were coming up, diapers needed to be bought, fees needed to be paid for applications for school. The check was a blessing because it covered the thing we need to pay the soonest, exactly to the penny.
As of this week he has a couple of side jobs that he is doing in hopes of finding something that not only can help him support his family but that can work with him for the summer & throughout school. We are truly grateful for the many people who help us out financial by letting Adam wash your windows, parents for letting us live in your house & for buying a box of diapers for us when we are in need. We will never be able to thank you enough or pay you back the amount you have helped us save.

Miracles happen!!

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