Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Happenings

So I am going to try & post at least once a week on here.... fingers crossed I will actually stick with it more than a few weeks!! 

 I received a tearful phone call from my mom telling me that Doug Haws had passed away! I cannot even begin to express the heartache & sadness I felt hearing that news. Doug has always held a special place in my heart. He has always been the best adopted grandpa & one of the all around sweetest men I know. When I first introduced Adam to him a few days after we got engaged Doug (oxygen on & all) gasped out this to Adam "if you ever hurt or disrespected her, you will answer to me!!" He not only loved me but he loved my sweet little girl too! I remember going over about a week before he passed away & Berkley actually let him hold her for about 2-3 minutes (all of you who know B know that this is a HUGE deal, she is terrified of old men, actually any man other than her dad for that matter) So when I heard this news I was devastated! He will be greatly missed by many!! But I am glad he is no longer in this world suffering anymore! I know he is in Heaven watching over us!! We love you Grandpa Doug!! 

Onto a happier note, Carolee (Spendlove) & London (LeBaron) were both blessed by their daddy's! It was a great day & these 2 little girls are going to be some of Berkleys best friends growing up!! Glad we got to spend the time with family!!

L-R Carolee (1 month) & London (3 months)
Skyler & his sweet little girl! I always looked forward to the day he would get his little girl after seeing how good he was with Berkley!! She is one lucky girl to have him for a dad!

The 4 Spendlove Grandkids! (& 4 of the Stephan Grandkids haha)

I love Berkleys spunky personality that she is totally starting to love everyone down here now that she is getting used to everyone!!
And in Relief Society she actually let my other mother Lisa Stratton hold her (even when she saw me sitting near by) & she let Lisa bounce her to sleep!! We are making progress ladies & gentlemen!! Progress I tell you!! :) Can't wait to hang out with the family again today!! I love being close to family!!!!