Sunday, May 16, 2010


Never Again will i rent anything from U-haul! They are way over priced & i met one of their rudest workers today!! The 2 of those things together can really ruin your day!!
So about 8:30 this morning i got a call from Sky saying "Hey whit, your car broke down on us in payson, can you please drive my truck up here & tow us home. So while driving up Sky called the U-haul in provo & reserved a tow trailer (the one with only 2 wheels) When we got to provo u-haul the guy working said "we DONT have one here! Around 4 or 5 we'll have one which is a 2 car one & would cost 119 if we returned it to their store w/in 24 hours, so Sky asked why they didnt have it when clearly 4 hours sooner they told us they did! The worker checked online & said "oh it looks like you called here & the lady you talked to didn't know what she was doing. We have one reserved for you 40 miles away in West Valley so you'll have to go there!" (might i add he was a complete jerk about it) So we had no choice but to head up & get it. We got one of those 2 wheeled tow trailers connected together with a bar & i was thinking this should be at least half the cost cuz the 2 car one cost 119 to rent but NOPE!! It cost us $190 freakin dollars for this stupid trailer!! A complete rip off if you ask me! So not only was i in a super pissy mood all day because my car broke down &wont start but we had to drive 1 1/2 hours longer than we expected because of screw up at the freakin u-haul! I officially hate any & all U-Haul Rentals & will NEVER use one again!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


1 down 20 to go!! ha So, i ordered my new swimmin suit off (a wonderful site for LONG, modest, pretty cheap suits) It arrived about a week ago in the mail & it took about a week to get a picture of it on! haha! Now all i need to buy are some new colorful bottoms.

What do you think!?!
(ignore my ribs poking out!)