Sunday, August 28, 2011

Look At Me Now...

So, my friend Luke showed me this song & i am still amazed at how fast she can rap! I am not usually a lover of rap music but this is...AMAZING!! I wish i could sing as fast as she does!! Holy Smokes!! She went on the Ellen DeGeneres show & when asked what inspired her to rap said she loves to rap in the shower... i gotta start rappin in the shower!! :) ha

I get lightheaded just listening to her!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Happenings!

So, i decided it's been forever since i've posted! A lot has happened so i'll just give a few short bullet points on all the recent happenings then later i'll post about them in more detail!!

  • I moved to St. George
  • Fourpulling
  • Ashley picked JP :) & i'm ecstatic about it!
  • Buena Vista YSA ward
  • New Friends
  • Vollyball/Futsal Nights
  • We got internet FINALLY!!
  • New Zebra Chair
  • My new journal (made by me at steamrollers)
  • Full-Time at work!
  • 90 degrees House!!
  • & last but not least... Sean's home! Another good friend is home from the mission! He served his misison in Tampa, Florida! I would be super happy he's home except the fact that he is gone up to school, so it's like he never really came home!! ha Oh well, Welcome Home Sean! :)
  • & tons more!!
photo compliments go to: allen hackworth