Monday, January 18, 2010


It finally happened!!!!! I went snowboarding!! Me, Kyson, Sky & Marie went up to Brian Head & went night boarding on Saturday!! It was super awesome! I can't wait to go again!! :) Also check out my brand new snowboarding outfit!

(New Brown, Blue & White Jacket, White Pants, & a Brown Headband/Beanie)
(i got it all for under $80 dollars)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Weeks Events

This post may be sorta on the long side but a lot happened this week!! Read on if you wish!!
Slept in & then just chillled all day with the family!! (oh & all my shows started back up again!)
I went to lunch with Tiff, Shay & Stacia to celebrate her (stacia) getting engaged! On my way across the street from work to Olive Garden i managed to tap a curb & pop my front tire completely. Work was so horrible! After being there for about 5 minutes i knew that the day was going to be one of those that NEVER end!! Enough said on that!! (just plain right bad!) That night i got a text from Axton inviting me to go to Kolob sledding/tubing... I agreed to it before he said we will be leaving @ 7:30 AM!!!!!!!

S0... 7:30am came pretty fast. After picking up everyone we headed up to Kolob. Although it was long day was very eventful & very very fun! It ranged from finding out not only were we sledding/ tubing but we would be riding snowmobiles to Callins cabin to driving off the cliff & taking out a tree to sledding off the balcony on completely flat, pretty hard ground to knee deep snow in some places to me falling off the snowmobile cuz of the icy step! Don't get me wrong it was a freaking awesome day! But to be honest i have never seen my life flash before my eyes as many times that day as it did during the duration on the snowmobiles!!

The Whole Group:
(me, axton, gabe, rash, annie, chancen, tyson & callin)

Me & Rash
(the HUGE smiles were mainly because we made it off the mountain safely!!)

Me & Axton
(in case you cant tell i was holding on for dear life entire day!!)

And last but not least.... Callin in his soccer shorts & snow boats!!!
(There is quite the funny story goes with this picture.. We were standing on the porch shedding our snow clothes before we went into the cabin & I glanced over at Callin while he was undoing his snow pants & he said " dont worry i'm not naked under here but i wish i were!!")
Basically work & more work!
Worked til about 3-4, then went home to help Sky work on my dresser he is building! Spent an hour or so staining all the wood.
Watched my little brother dominate in his Basketball game!! Woke up with a small rash around my leg by my ankles...
Woke up to my whole body (excluding my face) covered in a red rash. After showing my aunt (who i work with.. nurse) She told me that i am allergic to the antibiotic i was taking for an infection! That makes a 2 that i can't have!!
..The End..
(hopefully i didnt bore you with my week happenings!)
back to my staining & dresser making project!!