Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Britt's Wedding/ Movie (The Best Ever)

Saturday (June 20th) my friend Brittany Phillips got married!! (really crazy cuz i lived with her and she is my same age!! i'm totally to young to get married!!!) She married Sterling Tobiasson in the St. George Temple. It was a great wedding. Beautiful Day outside and i'm sure a beautiful ceremony. I got to babysit all of Stew's nieces and nephews while they were in the temple. It was lots of fun. Later that day i got to go and help set up some stuff at her reception. It was gorgeous. Her reception went well.. all in all i am glad it is over! :) Here are some pics from the wedding.

Stew & Britt (sorry it isn't the greatest i took it with my phone... the really good ones are on Sammi Beardalls website which is... feelslikehomephotography.blogspot.com Check them out!!)
Me & Brady (my bgfe-best guy friend ever) Isnt it cute how we match like perfectly..and we didn't even plan it! :)
Me, Channy & Shay... us posing for a quick picture at the reception :)
Andy, Channy, The Beautiful Bride- Brittany Tobiasson, Shay & Hillary

After the reception me, Courtney Parker, Chantel Olsen, Chantelle Whiting, Allyson Duda, Shay Harvey, Andy Walker, Hillary Searle & Ben Holmes (what a lucky man) went to see the movie The Proposal (with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds) if you haven't seen it you must!! It is my new favorite movie!!! I could watch it all day everyday and love it each time!! Go see it!!!

Last Week Fun..

Last Sunday, June 14th, we went up north and went to Lagoon, The Mayan, & The Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was a lot of fun besides the fact that i had a ginormous cold sore & canker! Here are some pictures from up there:

Actual pic of Sky, Shauni, Kyson & Shayli on Wicked at Lagoon :)
The Mayan
The Oquirrh Mountain Temple :)
And last but not least.....
my cold sore...as you can see my face was super swollen because first of all that cold sore stuck out so far i could almost look down and see it....also directly under that cold sore on the inside of my mouth i had a huge canker! Lots of pain!!! But all in all of fun trip with my family :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4-Wheelin :)

So Saturday i went to lunch with some of my family to celebrate Tommy (Hirschi) going through the temple. After Sky invited me to go with him, Axton & Axton's companion from his mission. We went out south and went the back way into the sand dunes. It was super fun...minus the wind! We drove a while and then Axton & his friend left. So me & Sky decided to keep goin and to drive around the golf course and then back through the sand dunes back to the truck! It was so much fun. Sky has been home 2 1/2 weeks or so and this was the first time i got to spend time alone with him. I missed doin that so much! He is always with someone else.... I hope that he will fit me into his schedule more often...i mean come on i am his favorite sister and more important than anyone else:) haha (jk about the more important..not the favorite sister! :)Sky and the lake in the distance. I wish i would have gotten a pic with Axton & his companion too but they left before i got the bright idea of takin this picture for my blog! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Babysitting...No i'm not to old for it :)

So I got to babysit Chad & Terra's cute little girls at my apartment the other night and we spent most of the time playing at the park and on a huge grass field. It was lots of fun :) Here are some cute pictures of the girls! I love them so much! Taycee, Harlee & Tymberlee learning from Kyson how to do a cool trick with the soccer ball.

My most favorite picture ever!! Vennalee isn't quite old enough to play soccer so we sat on the blanket and she told me so many stories.... Look at her cute smile :) i love her!
Thanks Terra & Chad so much for letting me play with your girls...I hope i can do it again! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


I just got back from a great road trip to Vegas. My aunt Rhonda wanted me to come down and meet her nephew who just got back on Wednesday from the Sydney North Australia Mission. So i got there on Saturday night and Rhonda took us to the Waters house so we could meet Trevor & JaNae her niece and nephew. They were headed to the Stratosphere and invited me and Tia to go with them. So we went with them and a few other friends to ride the rides. We all went on the Big Shot. It was pretty intense :) being so high up there in the air! (really cool!) Sunday we went to Trevor's homecoming which he did very good on his talk. The spirit was definitely there!! Then went to his house for lunch. Trevor let us try some good Aussie licorice (spelling?!?!) and some really really good chocolate stuff. After a few hours of visiting with Trevor and the rest of his family and friends we went back to Ronnow's and Rhonda's to take our regular Sunday afternoon nap. :) That night we all went out for a walk and Rhonda wanted us to meet this cute kid in her neighborhood so we went to his house and tlked to him for a little while. His name was Kevin. He got some of his friends together to introduce us to and to play badminton with! Trevor and JaNae came over and played with us. Pretty much me and Tia were very good at it...hahaha jk we sucked but we can blame it on it being our first time :)
Vegas was definitely worth it! I can't wait til i have a free weekend again to go there again and hangout with my new friends there! :)