Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Britt's Wedding/ Movie (The Best Ever)

Saturday (June 20th) my friend Brittany Phillips got married!! (really crazy cuz i lived with her and she is my same age!! i'm totally to young to get married!!!) She married Sterling Tobiasson in the St. George Temple. It was a great wedding. Beautiful Day outside and i'm sure a beautiful ceremony. I got to babysit all of Stew's nieces and nephews while they were in the temple. It was lots of fun. Later that day i got to go and help set up some stuff at her reception. It was gorgeous. Her reception went well.. all in all i am glad it is over! :) Here are some pics from the wedding.

Stew & Britt (sorry it isn't the greatest i took it with my phone... the really good ones are on Sammi Beardalls website which is... feelslikehomephotography.blogspot.com Check them out!!)
Me & Brady (my bgfe-best guy friend ever) Isnt it cute how we match like perfectly..and we didn't even plan it! :)
Me, Channy & Shay... us posing for a quick picture at the reception :)
Andy, Channy, The Beautiful Bride- Brittany Tobiasson, Shay & Hillary

After the reception me, Courtney Parker, Chantel Olsen, Chantelle Whiting, Allyson Duda, Shay Harvey, Andy Walker, Hillary Searle & Ben Holmes (what a lucky man) went to see the movie The Proposal (with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds) if you haven't seen it you must!! It is my new favorite movie!!! I could watch it all day everyday and love it each time!! Go see it!!!


Kim said...

We had a girls night out on Saturday and went to the same movie. WE all LOVED it. It was so funny. I can't wait til it is here so I can go again.

Em said...


Meghan said...

Whit! I just love you! You look so pretty in all these pictures. I'm so glad we are friends. love ya!

The Strattons said...

loved that movie!