Monday, June 1, 2009


I just got back from a great road trip to Vegas. My aunt Rhonda wanted me to come down and meet her nephew who just got back on Wednesday from the Sydney North Australia Mission. So i got there on Saturday night and Rhonda took us to the Waters house so we could meet Trevor & JaNae her niece and nephew. They were headed to the Stratosphere and invited me and Tia to go with them. So we went with them and a few other friends to ride the rides. We all went on the Big Shot. It was pretty intense :) being so high up there in the air! (really cool!) Sunday we went to Trevor's homecoming which he did very good on his talk. The spirit was definitely there!! Then went to his house for lunch. Trevor let us try some good Aussie licorice (spelling?!?!) and some really really good chocolate stuff. After a few hours of visiting with Trevor and the rest of his family and friends we went back to Ronnow's and Rhonda's to take our regular Sunday afternoon nap. :) That night we all went out for a walk and Rhonda wanted us to meet this cute kid in her neighborhood so we went to his house and tlked to him for a little while. His name was Kevin. He got some of his friends together to introduce us to and to play badminton with! Trevor and JaNae came over and played with us. Pretty much me and Tia were very good at it...hahaha jk we sucked but we can blame it on it being our first time :)
Vegas was definitely worth it! I can't wait til i have a free weekend again to go there again and hangout with my new friends there! :)


Ray and Mickie said...

Whit, so glad you had lots of fun in Vegas. You deserved a fun weekend just like this one. Love You!

Taralee said...

I'm glad you had so much fun!! It was so fun seeing you :) You'll definitely have to come back soon!