Monday, June 8, 2009

Babysitting...No i'm not to old for it :)

So I got to babysit Chad & Terra's cute little girls at my apartment the other night and we spent most of the time playing at the park and on a huge grass field. It was lots of fun :) Here are some cute pictures of the girls! I love them so much! Taycee, Harlee & Tymberlee learning from Kyson how to do a cool trick with the soccer ball.

My most favorite picture ever!! Vennalee isn't quite old enough to play soccer so we sat on the blanket and she told me so many stories.... Look at her cute smile :) i love her!
Thanks Terra & Chad so much for letting me play with your girls...I hope i can do it again! :)

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Terra said...

Thank you for watching the kids so we could go to the temple. You are amazing. In a few years, I will be watching your kids so you can go to the temple. You are the best! Thank you!!