Friday, August 22, 2008

this idea is from kelsey's i hope you dont mind me using it :)


grab lunch:
#1 toms deli. pasta factory. cafe rio. paulas. olive garden. my moms kitchen.

go for date night:
mainly anything. i like to be out doing something rather than sitting doing nothin waitin for the boys to decided something! girls you know what i am talkin about! i like to watch a movie, although that is good every now to go outdoors. :) haha

get wet:
sand hollow lake. lake mead. i love the ocean. my apartment swimming pool. my sprinklers.

shop for fun:
oh i love to shop! i like hollister. maurices. rue 21. urban wear. wal*mart:). forever 21. abercrombie and fitch (and they have super hot boy models at the fashion mall in vegas). american eagle. as long as i can find cute clothes i like to shop there.

get some fresh air:
i really like to be outside at night right after sunset i find that when i can grab some fresh air the best. or on our property on east zion or on kolob.

shoes for sure. i love to buy shoes....then next would be clothes

drive for a weekend away:
somewhere where there was either snow for boarding or malls for shopping :)

buy a treat:

coldstone creamery. i love there twix candybar ice creams. and inta juice that place is freakin sweet!! everyone should try it!

get some excersize:
the gym or the swimming pool...the lap swimming ones

step up 1 & 2. pride & prejudice. the dark night. and lots more!

tv shows:
gilmore girls. the office. americas next top model. tlc shows. csi. the closer. etc...