Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY Turbans

So I had a couple of ladies ask me on Instagram how to make the turban I had on Berkley yesterday so I decided it would be easier to post instructions on here instead of on Instagram! Hopefully these are easy enough instructions if you have questions though don't hesitate to ask!

Step 1: Choose material
Step 2: Measure your child's head (or yours if you are making it for you!) You will double the length of your child's head to make sure you have room for the double knot to be tied on top. (to be safe once you have cut it like the picture below tie it onto your child's head & adjust it by trimming off some of the edge so it isn't too long of ties)
Step 3: Lay material in half so right side out pieces are touching (like the picture below).

Step 4: Depending on how wide you want it cut material like picture above with the slanted egdges (facing the same way) I wanted the one i made for Berkley to be about 1 1/2 -2 inches wide so i folded my material in half to be a little bigger than the desired thickness (a little bigger cuz you gotta save a little room for the seam) Once it is cut then iron around the edges to help make sewing it a little easier
Step 5: Now you will begin to sew it together from about 1 inch from the middle all the way to the end (like the picture above, back stitching at both sides. After you will do the same thing on the other end from about an inch from the beginning of the last once. (leaving about an inch or just a little less in the very middle so you can turn it right side out & before you close it) Make sure you trim the tip off of both edges like i did so you don't have too much extra material in the tip & so you get a more pointy tip!
 Step 6: After you are done sewing it you will turn it right side out so the design is no longer inside out. (like pictured above)
 Step 7: Iron it flat
Step 8: Once it is ironed flat go back & hand stitch or machine stitch the center where you left an opening to turn it right side out closed & you are done!!
Step 9: Tie it in a double knot on your sweet baby or yourself & ta da!! You made a turban!! :)

p.s. I am horrible at making step by step instructions!!!!!

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