Monday, September 28, 2009

Private? Or Not?

The lingering question i have had recently (considering lots of people going private) is
should i or should i not go private?!
I have been trying to decide if i want to or not? I hate it when other blogs i visit go private cuz i cant see there blogs anymore without being invited, and sometimes i'm not one of there "good friends" so i hesitate emailing them and ask in case they went private so me & other not so good friends couldn't look at there blog... But i also like when others find my blog and love to find other long lost friends blogs and see what they are up to.
Well i have made the decision....
I am going private! (for i dont know how long) if you read my blog or wanna see it please send me your email on here, facebook, or just email me @ & i'll invite you to view it (oh and not stalkers aloud :)

Lets see how long this private blog lasts? Who knows it could be the greatest thing to ever happen? Or i just may decide i hate being private and want anyone to look at my amazing blog?! haha :)


The Strattons said... :)

Em said...

Please just get my email from Rach!!

Tia said...

oh you can go private just as long as I'm invited! haha ;)

Rach said... Don't forget me! :)

Taralee said...

Of course I do :)

But hey, I just noticed I'm not on your blog list...snap to it! :) haha, JK!

Trev and Adri said... :)

by: Kim said...

Please add me. I love to see how and what you are doing.

sammygrace said... i like keepin in touch:)

Ray and Mickie said...

add me, add me!! and maybe we need to chat again about the obvious... Love you!

Ray and Mickie said...

oh, and you better add gma and gpa, there e-mail is <3