Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our First Cousin Picture

Hello everyone reading my blog, I bet your all thinking.. Wow 2 posts in one week.. Actually i figured the post about me going private is old news. I mean if you wanna be able to view my blog next week after it goes private, you most likely already emailed me & given me your email .

So I decided it was time for a new post mainly because we got Our First Cousin Picture (older girls only, 17 & up is the limit) I know hair colors don't match everyone exactly the lighting wasn't the best! But this photo really shows the true us :) Me (belle),
Shayli (snow white),
Shauni (jasmine),
Brandi (ariel),
Kasey (cinderella),
Kortney (sleeping beauty
(we all know she loves her sleep)
& Kenzi (alice in wonderland)

I sure do hope everyone likes how it turned out! :)


Ray and Mickie said...

cute picture whit, it is amizingly acurate, except that kenzi is alice (in wodnerland) not goldy locks. but good, good, pic of you all. love ya!!! lol

Brandi said...

haha nice. korts made me laugh..

Em said...

:) :)