Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear John's

So i was on Dear Elder today writing a missionary & there was a link on the left side of the page saying DEAR JOHN LETTERS, i decided hmm.. reading those would probably make me laugh & i need a laugh so i clicked on it. And WOW! Holy Smokes some people are HARSH! But I did find two i REALLY love so i wanna share it with you: (i am going to insert some names to make it better & more interesting!! haha most will understand)

Dear Elder Long,
I want you to know that you mean the world to me. I will always treasure the moments we spent together, and I know we will have many more of those moments in the future, considering that I'm marrying your older brother Trevor in two weeks! Yeah, isn't it crazy! We had wanted you to come to the wedding, but we decided we couldn't wait that long. We're getting married on Dec 6th in the DC Temple. I know I promised to wait for you, but I know God has something better in mind for both of us. But we're thinking that we might name our first son after you. That would be nice, wouldn't it? I hope we can still be really good friends, otherwise Trevor would feel bad. Anyways, have a great day!


I had a friend who received a Dear John and this was his response after gathering photo copies of all the Elders' in his district girlfriends, sisters, cousins, etc. (around her age & a little older) He then sent all of the pictures back to his "sweetheart" with the following note:

Dear Whitney,

I am glad you have found someone to share eternity with. I, however, forgot which one you are. If you could please remove your picture and send the rest back, that would be great! Thanks!

Much love,
Elder Long

If you enjoyed these and wanna read more visit: (on the lower left hand column, under the bolded term FUN STUFF just click Dear John Letters)


Dawn said...

ha ha thats so sad.. but funny at the same time! thanks for adding me to your blog thing! haha mine is lame i neve update it cause i don't know how to do cute stuff but i try to keep up with it

Terra said...

so funny

The Strattons said...

hey! haha yeah i would be glad to do your pictures! i am TOTALLY not pro yet, but thats why i am doing them so cheap! heres what i am doing for that $40
-1 to 2 hour session

-1 location
-10-15 edited images on a disc
-2 fully designed Christmas cards to choose from ready to print and send out!
how many people are in your family and when were you thinking about doing them? let me know and we can work something out! thanks for thinking of me!! :)
ps. sorry i didnt text you, i suck at texting, plus i cant find my phone!! :P