Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Accessory :(

Check out my new accessory!

It's one of those one size fits all... ugly white ones they give to the patients who test positive w/ the H1N1 flu. Ya, lucky me i've got it! :(
Sunday morning i woke up with a sore throat & cough, later that day i started to get a headache/fever. I stayed home from church figuring i'd be better by morning so i could go to school... NOPE! I woke up Monday morning feeling even crappier! So i emailed my professors & stayed home. I woke up Tuesday & got ready for work even though i still felt like crap. I got to work & the doctors said before i worked they wanted to test me for the flu. And just my luck i tested positive! So now... no work, no school.... but i gotta wear this stupid mask!
Pros of the mask:
keeps my mouth & nose warm in this windy weather...

Cons of the mask:
annoying, can't sleep with it on!
is very claustrophobic
can't breathe with it on
bugs my ears

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