Saturday, July 17, 2010

Surprise Visitor!!

So today i was sittin on the couch watchin a very weird show with my dad when we heard our (old john wayne) bell in the back yard start to ring. My dad turned to me & said Whit, look outside & see who that is! I looked out the blinds & was extremely SURPRISED to see my very dear friend BRADY CASE :) (who i haven't seen in about a year) I hurried & ran out back to give him a big hug! We came inside & visited for about 2 hours. My dad & Brady could be best friends... he is a cowboy, loves Gunsmoke (any western to be exact), & could talk to my dad FOREVER about john wayne or any old cowboy! Brady brought his new guitar & we attempted to have a jam session.. we could probably use some practice. But it was way fun!!!! Thanks for comin over Brady!! I've missed ya!
this is brady (in the 1st pic that is brady & his sisters)

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