Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hair Extension/ Road Trip/ B-day

This past weekend i spent with my family up in Heaven a.k.a. Kolob Mountain for our family reunion. The weather was excellent (in about the 70's)all weekend long. I have decided though that next year it will either be me at the reunion or the dogs! Not both! On Saturday while everyone was going down the dangerous zipline i decided to do this!! Here is a photo of my new hair extension. Please ignore the fact that when i took this pic i had no make-up on & am in my pj's (go cougars!)

This weekend i am going up to Woods Cross to visit/stay with my best friend Marie. I can't wait!! :) i miss her so much! We are going to party it up for about 3-4 days! The quality of this picture sucks cuz it was taking with a sucky phone camera!

And... Happy Belated 18th Birthday to my beautiful little sisters!

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