Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Road Trip to Maries

So the past few days i have been at my friend Marie's house. Here is some of what we did:
-Watched Just Married, Cake Boss, Trama in the ER, Americas Next Top Model...
-Went to a water park called Cowabunga Bay. (stayed for 4 hours)
-Went shopping in Park City! At the AMAZING outlets & i got some excellent deals
-Helped Amy (maries sis) teach primary.
-Went headed to Temple Square. They currently have a replica of the inside of the Salt Lake Temple at the visitors center & we had a missionary experience while looking at it. (The inside of the slc temple is beautiful!!)
-Shopping at The Gateway.
-Laid out by the pool. (Got some sweet tan lines!)
-Watched THE BACHELORETTE SEASON FINALE! With with Marie, Amy, Brad (maries dad) & Darb (maries dads girlfriend) Hated the ending but i nothing new... they never pick my favorite person.
-And so much more, but i dont have time to go into much detail, i've got to go running, but what a wonderful road trip/weekend with Marie & her family!I can't wait for another one up that way or her coming down here!!!!
Here are a couple pictures from the weekend trip:

COWABUNGA BAY (not all of it cuz my phone couldnt capture it all)

Us on Temple Square :)

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