Sunday, August 29, 2010


So i know i should be excited for the weekend to get here cuz of our big Annual Leavitt Family Reunion on Kolob but I can honestly say after everything going on right now i am NOT excited for our reunion this year, & dont want to go. I'd rather stay home alone, & i'd rather be here in hurricane for Peach Days. In my 20 years of life i can only remember attending Peach Days 1 time for sure, maybe 2 times max. I think it's time to change that number & attend Peach Days every year..

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jerolyn said...

We go on friday nights, then the reunion the rest of the weekend. Peach Days is fun, but really not worth missing the whole reunion!
But I know how you feel! Thats why I have my jeep, so I can go when I want! And leave when I want!