Saturday, September 11, 2010


BYU...All i can say right now is... i am a pretty disappointed with the way you played today... or the way you didn't play! I couldn't even finish watching you it was so bad! I hope you do better next week.

My thoughts & prayers go out to all who lost loved ones 9 years ago! They will never be forgotten! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Good patriotic song "America" By: Imagine Dragons
& on a happier note, i found this quote this morning & it made me laugh so freakin' loud:
It has been scientifically proven that any woman can be satisfied with only 3 ½ inches—& it doesn’t matter if it is Visa or MasterCard…

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l a u r e n said...

Ha ha Whit, that quote is so funny!!! I'm so glad you shared it. :)