Saturday, September 18, 2010


The new season of BONES starts this Thursday September 23rd!! I am so freakin excited!! Bones is my all time favorite show,i could watch it 24/7!! I could especially look at Agent Booth 24/7! Don't worry something really good has come from him. Last week I needed a new book mark in my scriptures cuz i lost my old one so, i decided to print a picture of Agent Booth & use it as a book mark. And let me just tell you that i have noticed i want to read my scriptures more than once a day so i can just look at that picture!! ha


And the moment i, along with many others i'm sure of it, have been waiting for since season 1 episode 1 (see photo's below!)
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They are perfect together!! :) I can't wait for this season!!!!

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