Monday, August 16, 2010

My Eventful Weekend

THURSDAY: Went to Kolob with Dan, Sky, Sarah C, Chancen, Jordanne, Stephanie & Sara. It was way fun, i had my very 1st celestial smore & will never be the same! We were also serenaded by Dan, if you all didn't know he was famous way back when! If you see him, ask him about it!! :) maybe he'll sing his song for ya!!!
FRIDAY: i babysat the cutest little guy in the whole world, tate johnson, & took my grandma to her doctors appointments.
SATURDAY: sky & axton convinced me to go to the regional singles ward activity @ the lake, so we got on their 4-wheelers & headed out to the lake the backway takin the trail that came out right above the lake. I figured i'd be ok to not wear sunscreen cuz i already had my 1 sunburn this summer & already had my base tan started, we'll the 2 hours @ the lake & about an hour 4 wheeling back in my swimming suit. my shoulders are fried & hurt! The plan that night was i was going to go to the fair for the 1st time in 3 years (long story), but i guess plans fell through or there must have been a mis-understanding cuz when 8:00 rolled around i hadn't heard a thing.. So i text my cousin kenz & we went to the late showing of Eat Pray Love. It was a pretty cute show, & i love Julia Roberts.
SUNDAY: we went to church & if i would have known the a/c wouldn't be working i would have worn a ponytail & brought a fan! But my dad got a new calling. He is now known as the 2nd counselor to the Bishop. haha Guess thats what he gets for asking the stake president if he can be the "stake nursery treat coordinator" haha
What a eventful crazy weekend.

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