Monday, March 8, 2010

Must Get!!

I went with my mom to Taylor Andrews (hair academy) this evening & we both got a scalp massage. It felt amazing!! If you have never had one... go get one!! They are a wonderful invention!!! (Monday's throughout march & april they are only $5) Then i got a much needed trim. :) i love it! Got home about an hour ago, worked out for a bit, & then talked to Trevor.
Tonight i am kinda at a loss for words & in a little bit of a sad mood.... Guess i should be happier i have one thing to look forward to... Vegas this weekend :)


Taralee said...

You're right, they're awesome! When I was in beauty school I LOVED when we had to practice on each other. LOVED IT! It also helps your hair to grow because it stimulates blood flow :) Thought you'd like to know ;) Dang, now I really want to go get one. Maybe I just will!!

Rach said...

oh ye those are HEAVENLY!!