Friday, March 5, 2010

Long Day

Today has been a very long day! Yup, its my 5th day of waking up @ 4 am :( I dont know why it happens but it does at exactly 4:39am i am wide awake, luckily no tears the past 2 mornings! I slept through my phone alarm 3 times, so i woke up late. Worked from 9-1. Looked everywhere for some bright& cheerful gerber daisies... finally found some @ tai pan after an hour of searching. On my way home i almost had my car window shattered. (stupid truck driver!!) Made a gerber daisy bouquet to put on my friends grave for her b-day today (Happy Birthday Mandy Johnson, I love you & miss you lots!) Went to the Kim, Trev's & Tates with Sky & Marie to watch Tristian & Isolde, pretty good movie... sad ending. Played NERTZ (a freaking fun card game), & had a blast! What an eventful day, if only i could go to sleep right now...

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