Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures From The Past

So i was going through old pictures & i came across a few that made me cry, laugh, & smile so i just had to share & tell a little something to go along with each picture...


This was probably the hardest moment of my life, saying goodbye to not only my big brother & best friend for 2 years.
(i know, doesn't look like me now... for those who don't know or dont really remember i had blonde hair back then!)

This is a picture of a real Cow Tongue. For a YW/YM activity we did Fear Factor. One member of each team had to eat a piece of this, i was a member of an all guys team & was the one who ended up eating some. (The guys on my team were seriously the biggest wimps!) There were a number of gross things i ate this night including chocolate covered crickets, sardines & the tongue. The only gross thing i didnt eat that night was pickled pigs feet, & the reason behind that is pretty obvious. I HATE FEET & will NEVER eat them. Although it wasn't super horrible tasting i will probably never eat cow tongue or roast beef (tasted similar) ever again!

One of the scariest, coldest rides of my life, yet funnest!
Four-wheeling with Sky & Axton has always been a favorite of mine, but this time in particular was by far the scariest. There is a very very steep scary hill way out in the dunes, numerous of times i have observed from up top as they have tried to ride up it only to make it half-way & almost flip over sideways on the way down. I vowed many years ago to never go up or down it! Well this day we were driving above it & i remember Axton telling me that "we" were going down it. As my grip around his waist got tighter & tighter, I began to say (my words exactly) "How about i watch you, sky & marie from up here, i'm scared to go down it." He stopped & looked back with this sad puppy dog face & said Dont you trust me?! I began to stand up & say i do but i'd feel safer up here watching... He then pushed on the gas & said Hold on Whit! As i tried to forcefully shove myself off he back of the fast moving four-wheeler, i felt Axton grab ahold of my arm to make sure i wasn't going off the back of it, but instead down the hill on the with him!! Not only did my life flash before my eyes but I thought i was literally gonna die. Once we made it to the bottom, Axton turned to me & said, See that wasn't even a scary. I do believe i was about 90% of the way off the 4-wheeler at that time. Considering it happened against my own will, i guess i can say, Ya i've been down that hill & once is more than enough for me!! :)

Last pic i promise.... PHOTO 4:

Sorry i know this is really gross! This is the after picture of my wart i had frozen. (side view of my ring finger on my right hand, middle knuckle) The original wart was very small, smaller than a half a skittle. I was very self conscious of my hand so i decided that i wanted it gone. When the doctor began to freeze it i told him to do it til i said stop. He froze it for about 2 minutes, when i finally couldnt stand the pain any longer I told him to stop. This is what it looked like later that night & about 3 weeks following. (sorry i'm getting a little graphic now) It was about the size of a grape, some days even bigger. It was stretching the skin so much that at times i thought my skin would rip, it was so shiny around the edges. Every night i would drain the blood out of it & this is what it would look like by morning. Life was pretty hard for the month or so following this procedure! But today all that is left on my finger is a small scar that i am ok with!

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Tia said...

Hey I know how ya feel with the whole wart thing. I used to have TONS of warts (multiple) on my big toe. Just picture a huge blob after the doctor froze basically my whole wasn't pretty.

It's always nice to go through pictures and remember good times.
I love ya whit!