Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pics from Vegas/ B-day Post (yesterday)

So it has always been a dream of mine to go to Paris & see the Eiffel Tower... well since that dream will prob never come true i took this instead in Vegas :)

if anyone is going to paris, take me with you!
my birthday presents....

(left to right):
pic 1: These are the shirts i got, a black long sleeve, a purple v-neck long sleeve, black short sleeve cardigan, a colorful tank, a blue dressy tee & a very pretty (even tho you can't tell in the pic) pink cardigan (thanks marie for some of them!)
pic 2: I got the lamps that i have wanted for a long time now!! 1 tall one & 2 short ones!! :) now i just need to get some light bulbs :) ha
pic 3: Dont anyone get too excited, this isn't an engagement ring! It is a promise ring from my parents, to always stay morally clean, & true to myself. I love it! :) I just wish i could get a better pic of it! (its best in person! :)

not pictured: breakfast made by ronnow & rhonda (french toast, bacon & oj) very delicious, fun car ride home from Vegas with my sisters, lunch @ durangos, banana splits w/ friends & the very intense 3 hours of Nertz (card game).


Anonymous said...

whit you are too cute!! And remember we are going to Paris when the Olympics are there!

We are... said...

That's so cute of your parents! How pretty! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

Hope your job searching goes well! Keep us updated for sure!!