Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Is it weird that i have woken up from a (semi) sad dream about a guy @ exactly 4 am the monday morning & tuesday morning in tears? It wasn't just a few tears, my pillow was pretty wet & i was breathing kinda funny (like people do when they cry extremely hard & they can barely catch there breath)I dont know whats up but i hope that when 4 am rolls around i am sound asleep with no tears! I guess part of this came true this morning rolled around & 4 am i was wide awake again!!!
So, side note....I found this quote tonight & it describes my feelings for the guy i dreamed about...... (i know its prob too early to say this but its my honest feelings)


Brandi said...

oh i wont even lie, i HATE dating. not having a boyfriend and dating him or whatever, but like, going on dates with random people, hate it. a lot. i'm interested to hear about this boy :)

We are... said...

Sometimes I have dreams where I wake up crying too! They are pretty crazy! It's amazing how much emotion you can really feel.

Anyway, hang in there. I am sure it will all work out the way it's supposed to. Patience is key :O) But isn't it hard to be patient?!