Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend i took my sisters & 2 of their friends up to the boy's basketball state playoff games @ UVU. We got up there Friday & played Wasatch, it was a very intense game, but we lost in the last quarter because of the ref's. I mean seriously 28 fouls called on us vs. 9 called on them during the entire game! That seems quite unfair. But great job tigers for playing your best & winning today!! :) After the game to calm the girls down we went out for ice cream, Trev met us there & then went back to our relatives house to watch Baby Mama. It was such a fun night, thanks Trev for cheering up the girls & especially for making my weekend lots of fun :) I'm sad i had to leave & come home but i am excited to sleep in my own bed tonight :)

events i CAN'T wait for in march:
-The Bachelor, last 2 episodes :) go tenley... boo vienna!!
-Vegas trip with the fam March 11th-14th
-My 20th Birthday :) (i will no longer be a teenager...dang now i must grow up & act like an adult!)

-Vegas trip with Trevor March 18th-21st (if i'm still invited)

-My best friend Claire will be 20 on the 18th :) happy b-day! hope its a good one!
-Erin's Birthday on 29th


Taralee said...

Man, you're just a little party animal :)

Thanks for your number! I want to call you soon! It's just been kinda crazy around here.

Woohoo for turnin 20 soon. What are you big plans?

Whitney said...

I can't wait to get a call from you! :)
As for plans on my b-day, i am prob gonna be in vegas with the fam! we will have to get together that weekend with you & your mom & the whole family to just catch up :)

We are... said...

Yeah...that last episode of The Bachelor about killed me.