Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jake Pavekla-- Bachelor 2010

So I must admit that i am 100% addicted to this seasons Bachelor. I haven't missed an episode yet!! Actually my whole family has become very faithful Bachelor watchers (even my dad & brothers haha) Since the very first episode i have already knew my favorite girls, least favorite girls & i have also picked my #1 favorite girl. About the girls left... (in order of Favorite to Least!)


Tenley is the one i would pick if i were Jake, if he doesn't pick her he is just plan STUPID!! She is freaking gorgeous!! & She is like the only girl who isn't fake. She seems to be on the show for the right find love & to be the right one for Jake. She is definitely here for Jake & not just to be on the show. She is the ONLY one who goes on dates with Jake & all that matter are the two of them!! She hasn't ever brought up any of the problems that are going on with the other girls @ the house.... (VIENNA!!!) Also being married previously i feel that she has more experience than any of the other girls & she deserves a husband who will treat her right!! :)


Ali is my 2nd favorite. She is a very pretty girl, & i like her. To say the least she hates Vienna but who doesn't? I have noticed that the past couple of times Jake has taken her for there 1 on 1, she has brought up Vienna in one way or another. It doesn't seem to me that she is all focused on the end prize as much as others may be! I just dont think she is completely right for Jake...


Gia is right there next to Ali, I like her but there is just some things that bug me, first of all she isn't confident at all.... In the last episode on her double with Vienna she kinda just hung back & didn't fit at all for Jake, she needs to be more confident cuz she is gorgeous! Second, her lips!! They are so so fake! It bugs me!! (My mom thinks when she smiles she looks like the Joker!!) She isn't right for Jake, they are 2 totally different people with different goals in life!!


Vienna, i can pretty much describe my feelings for her in 5 words & 1 number! HATE HER, SHE IS 2 FACED! She just bugs the crap out of me!!! She acts completely different when she is with the girls in the house compared to when she is alone with Jake, & the dumbest thing about it is HE DOESN'T SEE IT & when others tell him about it HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT!!! I think if he picks her it will be the beginning of Hell for him!!

So question for all you avid watchers.... Is anyone else SO SO SO freakin upset with Jake for not illuminating Vienna at the last rose ceremony? (& after what she did on the last episode!!) She drives me completely insane!! I knew girls in high school like her & EVERYONE hated them, why can't Jake see who she really is, instead of seeing her as someone she is pretending to be!!

If Jake is STUPID & doesn't pick Tenley to be his wife, who votes she is next seasons Bachelorette?!


Melissa and Michael said...

I am a Bachlor lover too, absolutly hooked. I think for next season they should shake things up and let the bachlor/bachlorette see some of the raw footage that they get. Maybe only let them see some of the clips from one girl that he chooses.

sdemille said...

haha whit this is so funny...honestly my thoughts EXACTLY. I too am addicted:)

Tia said...

I TOTALLY agree with you!!! Vienna is SOOOOOO DRAMA! I mean she gets all pouty when she isn't picked first? or when she doesn't get him all to herself? who would want a wife that pouts and whines all the time?
But yeah! Tenly is my fav too! I watch it every tuesday on my computer! I really want Tenly to win and I want Vienna gone in the next rose ceremony!!

The Strattons said...

i totally agree with you, except for one thing, jake cant pick tenley because i want her to be on the next bachelorette! she is too cute! vienna is a joke. total publicity, no one could like her enough to keep her around!