Monday, February 8, 2010

This Is Me Dang It

So i just heard this quote & i love it!!! It's so what i want to say to a select few people!! haha
"There comes a time when you have to stand up & shout:

This is me dang it!
I look the way i look, think the way i feel, love the way i love!I am the whole complex package. Take me.... or leave me. Accept me.... or walk away! Do not try to make me feel like less of a person, just because i don't fit your idea of who i should be & don't try to change me to fit your mold. If i need to change, i alone will make that decision. When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good & bad, you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you!" --stacey charter

& also tonight is THE BACHELOR!!! i so can't wait to see what happens tonight!!
(is it bad that i am so so addicted to it? well that my whole family is? it basically is fhe every monday night!!)


Tiffany and Ben Last said...

whit i freaking love you!!! ha ha

Whitney said...

awe thanks skeeter :)

k. hinton said...

ohhh i like that quote!! :)

sdemille said...

love the quote! and did ali seriously leave?oh my what was she thinking!

Whitney said...

thanks kar! its a new favorite!!

& shelb,i dont think she was thinking to be honest!!! i mean hello he told her she wasn't going home that night!! what the heck!! then he basically begged her to stay!! ah man this show is gonna give me heart failure!!ha

Lolene said... are the best visiting teaching partner ever! Thanks for going today. I came right home and looked up your blog. I loved the quote, too...but I don't want to get addicted to The Bachelor. Lost and American Idol are enough for me!!!! (And "So You Think You Can Dance" when it comes on!) Love ya!

sdemille said...

haha seriously she was NOT thinking! and what are you going to vegas for?your going this weekend too?sweet:)