Sunday, February 21, 2010


I wanted post something longer & way exciting but
instead this is basically my weekend in a nutshell....
i went up to Provo & spent the weekend with Trevor (& his family) :) Friday night i went to his soccer game & he got re-injured :( because of the stupid goalie! We watched some movies with his roommate & his girlfriend then with & his sister JaNae & her boyfriend, I slept over @ JaNae's apartment (by the way thanks!!) Spent lots of time with his family which was heaps of fun, & also with his cute nephew too, Camden is a handsome little guy. Went bowling with his whole family which was a blast. :) Basically his family is awesome & they are so funny! :) It was very sad to have leave Provo to come back home today but it had to end eventually :( oh & i decided that i really do hate the cold!! (snow especially!)


Taralee said...

I need your number. Well actually I could probably get it from Trevor or my parents or something. Or you could email me.

I was happy to see your posts because I've been so anxious to hear how this weekend went! :) Glad you had so much fun!! Isn't his family fun :)

I hate the snow too! Truly!

Whitney said...

i'll send you my number in a message on facebook.
Sorry its not a better post. It was a blast though & his family is so much fun, i love them!

We are... said...

We had fun and Camden truly enjoyed you! :O) I am glad you came up~! Too bad we didn't see you last weekend! :O(