Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vegas / Birthday

So today was my 20th b-day, I am no longer a teenager!! Kinda a bitter-sweet moment. I'm a little sad to not be a teen but at the same time i am way excited to be 20. Guess its time to grow up & act mature! :) ha
Recent happenings in a nut-shell cuz its 1:00 am & i am super tired......
-Went to Vegas: (thurs-sat)
(thurs)-Hung out with the family, spent the afternoon on the strip, shopping, & a wonderful dinner (thanks ronnow & rhonda), & had a good talk with Taralee! (thanks for talking with me & helping me figure some confusing things in my life right now! it was really fun!! we must do it more ofter, you made me feel so much better!! i love you so much! )
(fri) a little more shoppin, triple date (me, adam- brett, katie- sky, chelsea) might i say very fun, props to Brett Lane, & pretty much all i can say is i loved the bellagio water show, spent time with uncle ronnow, aunt rhonda & brett (might i say very fun)
(sat) slept in :) felt so nice after getting to bed around 2, got some b-day presents (i'll have to post pictures later), ate a delicious breakfast made by uncle ronnow (very delicious french toast & yummy bacon), then we came home & i had some friends over.
- B-day Party
(sat night)
I had a couple of friends (claire,(her fiance justin), stacia, shay, kristen, brittany, & dan) over for banana splits for my b-day! Oh they were heavenly!! After we ate, we played Nertz, til about 12:30, it was so much fun!! I'll have to post funny stories about our Nertz game later :)

As for now I am off to bed!!


nertzfan said...
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Taralee said...

It was really great getting to see you! I enjoy talking with you. I'll still call you sometime when my kids aren't being crazy and I could actually hear you :) I'm glad you had such fun weekend. I like your shirts and I LOVE your ring. That's such a GREAT! idea for your parents to do. I'm gonna have to tell Tom about that one.

I love you, too! LOTS. I think you're awesome. Really!