Friday, June 29, 2012

Life As Of Now

Married life is GREAT!! I love having my best friend with me 24/7 even though he's gone to work from 8-5 & i'll be gone from 9-3 or 4 soon enough as for recent happenings....

 My Dream Kitchen
(16 barstools, 3 ovens, 1 HUGE fridge/freezer, a table with 14 chairs around it, ample counter space)
We went to Orson and Gygi with Adams sister Angela last week & this is inside the store where they have cooking classes but it is a gorgeous kitchen & i think i'd be in heaven if it were in my future house!!

 Our few of our meals since we moved up north. My favorite one was Crock-Pot Chicken Teriyaki! (very easy & extremely DELICIOUS!! & yes that strawberry jam/syrup is homemade by me!! (with the help of my wonderful mother)

 No, i am not pregnant!! ha however the lady i am going to nanny for is... with twins....a boy & a girl!! That is right folks, i landed an amazing/dream job last week & i am going to be the nanny to newborn twins as soon as they make there entrance into the world! The mom only has 8 weeks off for maternity leave & then i'll be on my own, kinda scary but i am way excited! Since the mom is on strict bed-rest til they arrive i have been going in & helping her get her house ready & getting the grocery shopping all done. Her 40 weeks is Aug 4th, but the doctor thinks the babies will come sometime between the 4th-7th, which would put her at 35 weeks. Hopefully they'll be healthy & strong so i can start watching them!

As for Adam, he is working for Alpine Window Washing & loving it. He tells me washing windows is very relaxing. Lets hope he keeps loving it so he can have this job until he's done with school!

We'll that's it for now, hopefully i'll be back sooner rather than later with more news!

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charlee ann said...

what a fun job!!! dont know if that would be a good birth conrtol or more baby hungry :)