Monday, January 14, 2013

Update on Life

I feel like a lot has happened since i blogged last (in June of last year) So i decided to do a quick post to catch you all up:

-We moved for time #3 since being married last May. We are very excited about this last move though. We are finally in our own apartment, no more basement apartments for us! We love our new little place & have enjoyed decorating it exactly how we want to!
 -We spent our Christmas Vacation/Break down in Southern Utah & loved every minute of being down there, minus the fact that we both got sick on Christmas Eve & were sick until we rang in the New Year at 11pm (we couldn't last another hour, 11 was pushing it... we are so old!! haha) (The sucky thing this year is my whole family(spendloves) were sick for Christmas. My two nephews down there got it first, then Adam & I then my Dad, who got so bad I (very nervously) had to give him an IVof fluids to help him feel better & then it ended with my Mom catching it!!) Nonetheless, We had a fantastic 1st Christmas together, Adam got a lot of tools he asked for & some new clothes, I however got mainly clothes & a few other odds & ins. For our "family" gifts we got a couple board games (Life & Yahtzee), a knife set & a few other things. We loved our break from Northern Utah but were happy to get back & no longer be living out of our suitcases.
-Adam is finally doing a job he loves! No more 9pm-1am custodial work for him! (which we are both ecstatic about!!) He is a Math tutor through the College for 2 High Schools in the area. Although he is working more hours so i don't see him as much, he is having a blast helping kids understand a subject he loves!
-We will be making our journey more north at the end of this year, beginning of next as Adam transfers to Weber State University for his program (Mechanical Engineer Technician) He could not be more happy with this decision since he will finally be doing stuff that will be related to his program instead of General like classes. I am not too happy with the decision to move to a colder environment &  further away from family but I am going to be happy because we'll be together! I love him & will go where he takes me for his schooling!!
-As for me I was working as a nanny up until after the New Year. I will miss the jobs that i have had doing this but I am now on the hunt for a new job. I would love one in the nanny field again but will take whatever I can get. (Nothing will ever trump the newborn twin job i had last year!! )
-We are excited to see what is in store for us this year! & We hope you all had a Happy New Year!
(more pictures to come!)

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