Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Christmas from Adam!!

So, Adam was super creative with my Christmas present this year & he wrote a story for me & t threw in some gifts to go along with it. Some are inside jokes but i'll do my best to describe each gift at the end of the story..

Once upon a time in a small town called Hurricane something extraordinary happened. A series of very fortunate events occurred & brought two people together named Adam & Whitney. (Gift #1 A&W root beer bottle w/ candies) When they started to get to know each other their dreams began to come alive! It was JUST LIKE HEAVEN. (Gift #2 Movie Just Like Heaven) They did all kinds of cute things together which included dancing, going to the look out point, & eating two candle lit dinners. (Gift #3 Candle) Could you believe that? Then on a very cloudy morning a dream caught Whitney away!!
Adam searched for her but just could not find her anywhere. He decided to take a journey to the nation of sand where the wise old bilagona (that's Navajo for white person) sat ready to share his wisdom. As he passed through the long sleeved big hair village aka (Colorado City), over the Jacob Lake candy cane mountain, & down into the valley of the root beer jellybean river he finally arrived at the wise man's mesa.
Seeing the old man sitting outside his double wide trailer Adam approached him on bended knees & pleaded to know where Whitney was & how he could get her back. After the old man put on his bifocals, stepped back a foot or two & looked Adam in the eyes, he told him, " I perceive that her heart is locked. There is a book with a mark in it & i see many hands. I see an image of her face framed in a dream. "
Adam looked at him for a long time, cocked his head & said, "Wait...what?" The old man said, "Never mind, go down the path to the dead cow, turn right at the tire, feed my dog Cooper & run towards the sun, there you will find what you are looking for, & here, take this."
The old man put a wrapper gift in Adam's pocket as Adam ran away & said , "Got it," GOT IT!"
When he arrived at the end of the road, finding nothing, he fell down in despair & thought, "There must have been some mistake." He looked up at the sky & then it dawned on him; if he fell asleep his dreams might bring her back. He reached in his pocket, opened the gift, & placed it next to his heart. (Gift # 4 legit blue dream catcher)
The dream began to unfold as he drifted away into a deep slumber. From the mist of the dream walked out a black cat with yellow eyes & said, "What are you looking for?"
Adam answered saying, "I have lost my Whittles & don't know where to find her." The cat responded, "Why should I care? She doesn't matter."
Adam looked right back at that cat & said, "What matters is that i care." " Well what does she look like?" Adam described every detail of her face as the cat drew the image in the air. (Gift # 5 Picture of my face, drawn by Adam) When it was complete, Adam framed the image in his mind. (Gift #6 Picture Frame)
"Yes, that's her!" The cat then agreed to take him to where she was but on one condition that when he finds her again he had to see her for who she really is.
Adam agreed to the cat's request & in a moment she was before him. As he stood looking at her, he noticed that she couldn't move forward because her heart was locked. (Open # 7 heart & key chain)
Adam asked the cat, "How do i release her from this bondage?" The cat replied, "Read the words from the bookmark & the answer will come." (Open #8 Bookmark) Adam then looked at Whitney, & without breaking his gaze said,"I see your true nature & Whitney, I love you just the way you are."
Immediately the dream was broken & Adam said, "Hands off, she's mine!! " (Gift # 9 Tee Shirt w/ colored hand prints, & words "Hands off, She's mine!")

Gift#1 A&W Root beer Candies- A&W for Adam & Whit for those of you who didn't get it...
Gift #2 The movie Just Like Heaven.. it is one of my favorites & i have been searching for years for it... Adam looked it up on Amazon. com & ordered it for me!
Gift #3 Candle (in memory of the 2 candle light dinners we had.. one cuz the power went out & the other at his parents)
Gift #4 A legit, cute, blue & white dream catcher (i'm excited cuz i've never had one before)
Gift #5 Adam drew my facebook profile picture & did an excellent job! (pictures later)
Gift #6 He gave me a cute as heck picture frame that says Memories all over it
Gift #7 Chain with a heart shape & a key hole in the middle of the heart & on the other end of the chain a key that fits into the hole.
Gift #8 Bookmark that says: "Be strong & of good courage, you are truly royal spirit daughters of Almighty God. You are Princesses destined to become Queens. Your own wondrous story has already begun. Your once upon a time is now." -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Gift #9 Tee-Shirt... pretty much self explanatory

Thanks Babe for the cute gift, i loved it!!


ben and tiffany last said...

awww how sweet whit!! I cannot wait to meet this boy

Angela said...

Love it! I got the short version from Adam - you know boys! Cool.