Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

We FINALLY got our family pictures taken after a year or so of trying! ha Here are few a my most favorite ones, hope you enjoy!!

Silly Faces!!
Brayden with his aunts & uncle

Me & Kys
(this pic is one we have made a tradition of getting every family photo shoot!)
Adam & I
(i know he is technically not family... yet but a girl can hope right? plus we were the cutest couple being photographed!! ha )

My handsome model, nephew.. BRAYDEN

The 5 kids oldest to youngest, not necessarily tallest to shortest, thanks to our high heels!!

Family Pic 1

Family Pic 2
(one of my favorites)

Family Pic 3
(another favorite!)
To see all of our family pictures you can facebook Dream Photography or you can visit Kortney's blog website at: kortneyphotography.blogspot.com (prices are listed on the blog)
Or to schedule your session email her at: dreamphoto@live.com
ME & KORTNEY (aka our AMAZING photographer)
Photographer Bio: Kortney Olds
Kortney has been taking pictures forever!! She has started her own business but works as a photographer at Sears Portrait Studio as well. Not only is she my cousin but we have been best friends since the beginning of time & i would highly recommend her as your next photographer!! She does an amazing job for a price that is affordable!!

"I think that pictures are the best way to remember the past and that is why i believe that everyone should have them. It is my goal to make it affordable for anyone to get pictures because everyone deserves memories!"-Kortney


sh@y h@rvey said...

WHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss your family!! And can I just say what a STUNNING FAMILY you Spendlove's are!!!! And um.... I think Kyson is FINALLY tall enough for me to date him hahahahaha!!! But just so you know!! You and Adam!!! ADORABLE!!!! We must hang soon! Miss you, love you, need you in my life hahaha!! Love you muchos times infinity!!!

Claire said...

Great pictures. :) I love you! And your family. Come see us soon!

Rach said...

Love the pics:) Love your fam!!! Oh, and I love you and Adam together;)