Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I decided that this post is going to be dedicated to Adam. I don't get on here as much as I'd like to but i just wanted to share some of the exciting things we have done & just tell you all the reasons i love him!!

-It was so fun playing futsal with our families on Thanksgiving & the day before, it'll definitely have to be an annual thing!
-Going to the temple to do baptisms with you & being super nervous cuz you wanted to baptize me, i can't wait to go back many times in the future with you! I think this day was the first day we kissed too!! :)
-Our first date, going to see lights at Tuachan.. but getting there & not really any special lights on so wandering around talking, which was very fun :) then going to get ice cream at iceberg & watching a movie at my place.
-Dancing in your living room, with only the christmas tree lights on. One earphone in my ear & one in yours playing the music from the ipod! Seriously the most romantic thing ever!! :)
-1st Road trip up north to see you.
-Watching Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2 with you & your cousins. (both EXCELLENT movies, even though i fell asleep in the 2nd one & twitched a little bit! haha)
- Going to Temple Square to see the beautiful lights! It was seriously the prettiest thing ever!!
- Going with you to the Stephan family christmas party, i was so nervous but having you by my side the entire time i was able to do it!
- Doing the Turkey Trot with our families, we better do it every year!!
-Listening to you tell me about the scriptures & interesting things you've learned!
-Your Buick!! I love sitting next to you in the middle seat!! :)
-Our first kiss, i know i told you a few times that i wasn't going to let you kiss me because i didn't want it to be hard when you left...We'll after 2 days of saying that we were sitting on the couch & you told me i had 5 minutes to leave or else you were gonna kiss me but that 5 minutes really only last about 1 minute. You said ok 30 seconds & i'm gonna kiss you, so i stood up & said i was gonna go, even though i knew i couldn't leave without kissing you. We hugged each other for about 3 minutes then kinda pulled back & you put your forehead to mine & just looked into my eyes & said are you sure i can't kiss you? I couldn't take my forehead away from yours.. the butterflies were seriously eating me alive, so i just gave in... but i was totally right though, kissing you made it harder than crap to say goodbye to you.
-Holding hand with you, every time we are together just makes me so happy! I dread the days i wont be able to do that everyday!
-I absolutely love that your not afraid to let people know we're together! I've never had a boyfriend hold my hand, hug me or kiss me in public/in front of people! It feels nice so have that affection! (even my aunt told me she was shocked to see me holding hands with you in front of people cuz she's never seen me like that, but i love it!!! ha)
-Your creative Christmas present! I absolutely loved it, even though you made me open it in front of both our families! haha thanks babe!
-& last but not least... I loved when you were at my apartment & we were looking at pictures of your cousin on facebook & you wanted to show me a band that you really liked (cake) so you pulled up your favorite song on you-tube & played it, then we went back to looking at pictures... My most favorite part of that all was the smile you had on your face during the entire song, literally your grin went from one ear to the other ear!! I have never seen you so excited about something, it seriously melted my heart & i am positive i fell more in love with you, if that's even possible!! It was so cute!!
I love you Adam James Stephan!! :)

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Haley said...

whit! how freakin cute are you two! yayyyy :) i am so happy for yoU!