Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oct, Nov & Dec

Well, it's been forever since i got on & posted so i decided.. since a LOT has happened recently i'd add a new post!! I'm gonna try to keep up with this blog, so we'll see how it goes....


-My (niece)Louise Doris Nuckles was born (technically i'm not her real aunt but i claim her mom as my sister/best friend so i figure that makes her my niece!!) She is so precious!!!
-We (me, shaun, shay, allie, megs & lacy) won the costume contest at DSC Halloween Dance!! $50 & 10 punch Zumba pass!!



-Started a few new traditions! 1st annual Turkey Day Futsal games & 1st annual Turkey Trot race with some of the Stephan Fam! Can't wait til next Thanksgiving! It'll be epic!
Participants in Turkey Trot (l to r)
Shauni, Kyson, Adam H, Me, Justin, Angela, Mom, Melis, Sky & Adam S

-Cut down our 1st ever Christmas Tree for our apartment & decorated it with white lights & random pictures of us from the year! (pics later)

December: (there is really only 1 important thing that happened this month so far worth blogging)
-Adam & I started dating
( A little about Adam.. He recently returned from his mission in Chile. We actually met through his sister, my sister-in-law (no relation, ha) About 9-11 months before he came home Melissa told me she had a cute brother on a mission that would be home in October & that i needed to be single when he got home so i could go on a date with him. I told her i'm sure i would be single in October so i'd go out with him. Little did i know that i'd meet him & fall for him! Adam is probably one of the sweetest guys i have ever met! He is different from every other guy i have dated & i am so grateful for that! I honestly don't deserve him! (not even kidding) He moved up north for school this coming spring & i am already missing him tremendously!! I don't know how i'm gonna survive til Summer!! Bring on the road trips! Thank you Adam for everything! I'm so glad for the memories we have made & can't wait for many more that are to come. I would be lost without you! You are the best! :)

Me & my handsome boyfriend Adam Stephan

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charlee ann said...

such cute picture. and looks like super cute guy. was just yesterday thinking about the my old wardies in htown ysa, good times.